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Had a fabulous day out with my dearest Darcy - @viscountess! So much fun to finally be able to meet and hang out in person.

It only took us 10+ years to get together…LOL. We’re not going to wait so long before the next time.

Fun fact: we met originally on the now dead Phantom of the Opera forums before tumblr was even thing.

Okay so super quick dumbed down version

If you haven’t seen Universal’s new Mummy movie, that’s basically the starting set up for their new monster universe (or Dark Universe)

And basically Russel Crowe plays Dr Henry Jekyll (from Jekyll and Hyde) and again, to make it simple, he runs this secret organization within the Museum of Natural History that fights evil

Any who, I just wanna say, please tell me The Phantom ties into this by being some annoying pest that causes mischief within the museum and “haunts” it and we get to see Dr Jekyll yell at him at some point


Unsung Chapter 22: Women of Honor, a phantom of the opera fanfic | FanFiction
Christine Daaé has spent eight months imagining what she might say to the Opera Ghost if she ever saw him again. Now he is here in her flat, quite by accident, and the fact of the matter is that she can no longer speak. Rated: Fiction M - English - Drama/Romance - Erik, Christine

The penultimate chapter. 

My current situation
  • Me: I should be studying
  • My brain: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA IS HERE you are sunlight and I moon DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING I want adventure in the great wide somewhere FIYEEEEEERO come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT it's the circle of life I CAN'T FIND USNAVI!

Hey, reblog/like if anyone out there has watched a boot but is still dying to see the show live, it just doesn’t work out financially, geographically, or timewise (it’s already off Broadway/tour). I’m trying to make a fucking point.

Musicals I've Seen/Heard
  • Les Mis: we're all sad
  • Phantom: sing, bitch. WAIT NO I DIDN'T MEAN THAT I LO-
  • Hamilton: fITE ME
  • 21 Chump Street: u fucked up naomi
  • Heathers: we're all dead
  • Legally Blonde: FUCK YOU, WARNER (but thanks for making me hate u now im the best lawyer)
  • Dear Evan Hansen: we WERE TOTALLY friends, me and that dead, gay kid. Buddy, pal, chum, friend, no homo,,,,,
  • Be More Chill: i wanna be cool and i fucked up trying to do that