m: phil

d&p share “dan’s room”

so, they share ‘dan’s room’, and here’s why:

- the floor phil caught the bug on is the floor in dan’s room. phil claims it was his room but newsflash: they share a room

“what if the bug ran into dan’s room”

im not even kidding I had someone try and argue this on twitter. but are you honestly trying to tell me that a centipede managed to make it’s way out of phil’s room, up a staircase, and into dan’s room without phil catching it? no matter how bad phil may be at catching bugs, I’m sure he would have caught it by then

“how do we know that’s dan’s floor”

well, the floor in phil’s room is white, and no, that’s not a rug. plus, the floor in lounge/office is a different color. while yes, dan’s mirror pics were most likely taken in his room, that’s when there was a lot of natural light, meaning it was during the day. dan stated that the lights in his room were different from every other one in the house, they give off a yellow/orangish glow. that is what makes his floor appear this color, and his room is the ONLY one in the apartment like that. 

- phil’s shoes on dan’s shoe rack

“but what if he just left them in there”

‘yeah because I store my shoes in my friends room and enjoy having to go upstairs every time I want to wear them.’ it’s simply illogical

- phil’s mirror in dan’s room

“but what if he just gave dan his mirror” 

for no reason? show me the new and better mirror phil got in his room, or any mirror at all, wait, there isnt one

- phils room is a closet

“but we havent seen all of it”

not technically, but, we’ve seen enough to be able to accurately estimate the size of it, which just so happens to be 1/10th the size of dans room. there’s no way that phil would have the tiniest room, while dan has the huge master bedroom

id also like to add that this is obviously why we havent gotten a single sleepless night video from the new apartment. because if phil did, he would’t be able to do anything except lay in bed, or else he’d expose them

any questions?? want to argue anonymously??

ask ask ask ask ask ask ask ask ask 

Yo just a psa to the phandom, please don’t ruin the dream daddy game when Dan and Phil play it on their channel. Please do not make the dream daddy tag filled with gifs from their videos and fanart of them as the dads. Please don’t make this game that so many people are excited about because of it’s LGBT+ characters into something about Dan and Phil. Please.

okay, so like here is the thing. Dan and Phil are hella rich. WE KNOW that. But I wanna break it down. So Dan and Phil are renting a place. When you rent a place, usually, at least in America where I live, your income has to be at least 2.5x the rent of the place. Their last place was last close to £4.5-5k a month. Their new duplex is bigger and more expensive. Lets say it costs them about £6-7k a month. Which means they have to make at least £15-17.5k a month together. So they are LOADED AS HELL.