m: patrick stump

Patrick: We’re gonna go ghost hunting, later want to come?

Brendon: Im gonna live stream everything.

Patrick: If you must


Brendon: Alright, here we go, Im starting. Sup fuckers! Me and this fuckin dude *motions to Pete* are gonna do some freaky shit with these other freaky fuckers!

Patrick: Why are you using MY phone for this?

Pete: Cause fuck you that’s why! Also I can’t get service, and neither can Brendon.

Patrick: My phone was on airplane mood cause I don’t want ghosts messing with it.

Pete: Damn it

First Impressions

Gerard, in his head: Okay, this guy’s really cute. You can’t mess this up, Gerard. Make him love you.

Patrick, continuing his story: … So then, Pete walks in and he’s all “ this is dope, but we need a fuckin’ drummer!”

Gerard: that sounds like something he’d say.

*Patrick laughs*

Gerard, with a flirty smile: I like that laugh.

*Gerard does a very unflattering imitation of Patrick’s laugh*


Gerard:… shit.