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Mallow Castle, County Cork, Ireland

Mallow Castle is a 33-acre site composed of gardens and parkland on which three buildings sit: the remains of a 16th-century fortified house (pictured above), a 19th-century mansion to the north, and the ruins of a 13th-century castle to the east. The fortified house is a long rectangular three-storey building, with two polygonal towers on the north-west and south-west corners. It is early Jacobean in style, featuring high gables, stepped battlements, and mullioned windows. The wings of the house project from the center of the south and north walls, with the entrance in the north wing. The design of the house was to provide a field of fire around it entirely.

The 16th-century  fortified house is believed to have been built by Sir Thomas Norreys before his death in 1599. Following his death, his niece Elizabeth and her husband Sir John Jephson inherited the house, with their family remaining in Mallow for almost 400 years. It was placed under siege by Richard Butler, Lord Mountgarret, in 1642 during the Irish Confederate Wars and did not fall. It was captured in 1645 by James Tuchet, Lord Castlehaven. The house was badly damaged by fire during the Williamite War and subsequently abandoned by the Jephsons. The Jephsons built the new mansion house on the site of the older castle’s stable block.


24.08.16// I’ve been back to school shopping and I’m so happy!(^ω^)

This is a Parkland schoolbag, and it came with a cute little water bottle! I like the fact that it has a lot of compartments and that it has a minimal design.

Of course I bought other pencils and erasers and stuff, but the things I’m most happy of are my new Triplus Fineliners, my Rhodia Dot Pad and my Leuchtturm notebook (^∇^)And all of these were on sale!

There are soo many new possible layouts for my grid bujo! I’m just really eager to use it uwu