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OUAT Season 6 DVD - Bloopers

(Note: The original videos from this morning were taken down on YT. I personally ripped these from my blu-ray, so they are 1080p. Please credit SBM.)


The Other Shoe DVD Commentary: Colin was great with her. He has a toddler of his own at home so putting whipped cream on his nose and doing all the stuff that he’s doing there as he sits in Granny’s diner was stuff that he just came up with. Probably well rehearsed with his own kid. I can’t claim credit for the whipped cream but I seized upon it the minute Colin did that. He was stuck then doing whipped cream on the nose for multiple takes

Fact 1: Regina is a nerd

Fact 2: Regina had 18 years of free time during the curse

Conclusion: Regina has a ridiculous amount of skills, probably taught herself at least ten languages, can cook anything, has a bigger knowledge of pop culture than anyone else in Storybrooke, can probably play several instruments, but also is super awkward and downplays this until there comes a day when a new villain is like “the prophecy says that I can only be defeated by a Hungarian speaking cello playing Space Invaders champion” and Regina is like “my time has come”