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the door opened and Jack took off his glasses, eyes raking over your body, “holy shit.” he stated.

you grinned. the vault had been filled with money but you had beat him there. you were sitting in a chair and had been waiting for him. your rival. you didnt hate each other but you had to out-do each other, constantly.

“what’s wrong Jack?” you asked mischievously, “am i not what you were expecting?” he didnt answer, just gaped at you, “sorry to be a let down.” you continued, standing.

he was there in an instant, hands settling on your waist, “totally not a let down.”


Prompt: A Jack Smut!!

Pairing: Jack x Reader

Warning: Fingering, smut, curse words, idk man!

Word  Count: 896

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just some Jack Wilder stuff.
  • Imagine Jack just listening to you talk, and before you know it, he’s mastered your voice and he uses it when he’s playing around and mocks you.
  • Imagine Jack mastering Danny’s voice and he uses it to screw around with the rest of the Horsemen over the phone.
  • just i m a g i n e this sinnamon roll and the imitations he can do.
    • Imagine him using some imitations to make you smile when you’re upset/sad(uses ones like Elmo, or sillier ones verses more serious tones).
  • Imagine him ruining the moment by saying something in someone else’s voice.
    • He thinks it’s downright funny.
      • You think otherwise.
  • Imagine him trying to teach you how to study and how to imitate people’s voice.
    • You fail miserably.
      • He tells you, “That’s okay. I don’t want you sounding like anyone else when you sound perfect already.”
        • gives you a cheeky lil’ smile.

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