m: my f4

my fallout 4 sole survivor Jason Pendragon!

its been a long time since i first made her but i decided it was time to actually. yknow. design her right.

her story is that she, her father, and her baby brother lived as a rather domestic family in their new home in sanctuary hills, where jason’s father retired to after serving his years in the military while jason’s mother watched over her. shortly after returning home, her mother passed away from an intense delivery with shaun, and so jason’s father raised the two of them by himself for a year.

fast forward to the bombs dropping. jason’s family was registered for the vault 111 program like most of the street, however as neighbors were being shuffled along through the hallways, jason and her father were taken down below to the lower levels of the vault, where they were subjected to several anatomical tests throughout their cryo-stasis, until one day they were simply put on ice.

being revived while her father didn’t survive the stasis, jason crawled from the vault and now travels the commonwealth looking for her baby brother in hopes of recovering the small portion of family she has left.