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details about s13 from Seat42F interviews

How is Sam handling all the deaths at the end of last season? (to Jared)

‘It’s a funny role reversal. Where Sam is usually the one who wants to talk it out or vocalise it - I think because Sam is so overwhelmed with Jack and what Jack might mean, cause Sam thinks that Dean is kinda resigned on Jack. That ‘Jack’s evil, Jack’s gonna’ be evil, it’s only a matter of time before I have to put a bullet in him’, whereas Sam sees a lot of himself in Jack. Because Sam was meant to do evil things as well. He had demon blood in him. Sam might wonder a little bit if that’s the way that Dean thinks about him still.

Sam hasn’t really dealt with Mom, Cas, Crowley, Rowena. Sam is like ‘we gotta’ figure out what we’re gonna’ do with Jack’ and Dean’s like ‘no we don’t, we gotta’ figure out Mom, Cas, etc’ and he’s pushing his feelings down a little bit’.’

Sounds like Sam is he optimist this season. (to Jared)

‘He’s hiding some things in his optimism but he’s also not dealing with some things he needs to deal with.’

Where do we catch up with the brothers in Season 13? (to Jensen)

‘Literally where we left off, with Cas at Dean’s feet. Mom is gone, Crowley killed himself, Cas is now lying dead, Kelly’s gone. There’s too much for Dean to process at the moment it picks up, so he does what he knows how to do best and neutralises it all. He’s just going to do what he knows and hit something hard. Sam is going to talk sense into him.’

Misha talking about Cas in Season 13

‘The most relevant aspect of Cas’ death is how the boys process Cas’ death. Ultimately as the season plays out, Cas’ death is going to be less important to him, because he was just dead, but Sam and Dean go through the whole grieving process and have to process the loss of their friend.

When Cas comes back, we find him in a realm that has been talked about on the show but never seen. He finds himself alone in this realm apart from a companion who is another powerful being.’

Other Points:

  • Jensen is not directing so that he can spend time with his kids.
  • Scoody-Doo episode is live action at the beginning to get them into that world, but the majority of the episode is animated.

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Fave moments from the panel

Misha standing up for himself:

the cockles hug:

Dabb doing what we all want to do and stroking Misha:

Jensen once again laughing at something Misha said that really wasn’t that funny:

Misha describing how J2M felt, listening to Jensen describe his dream for the end of the show:

This golden moment from Jared:

Jared praising a fan with social anxiety:

Jensen smiling like a proud husband, when Misha is thanked for the donuts:

And Misha’s answer to the question, what his favourite prop is:

And finally, Bob Singer leading Misha to his chair:

Bonus: the Cockles pats


In Season 12, Castiel talked about feeling more like family with Sam, Dean, & Mary. Will that change how you play Castiel or how he feels?

  • I do think that Cas might be starting to accept that.
  • When he comes back his death hasn’t shaken him to the core in a way that it did for the boys.