m: melvin smarty

Do I have your attention?


I want to talk to you, my fellow fans, about a film called Melvin Smarty. You might recognize this as the film featuring Tyler Hoechlin that has still not been released. 

(Wikipedia and imdb have it listed as a 2012 release, but it has apparently been delayed all the way to the chronological equivalent of Siberia.)

The Melvin Smarty tag is 87% begging and pleading for a nonexistent download link, and whateverthedick percent is left gifs and pictures of Tyler Hoechlin smiling and such on-set. 

For those of you who have no earthly idea what I’m talking about–

It’s an indie comedy filled with what is purported to be all sorts of delightful free-spirited wonkery. 

It is, in some direct terms, fangirl bait, because it comes equipped with pretty much one of this massive fandom's favorite people ever

But it hasn’t been released.


Well, it beats the living ducks out of me. 

I’ve heard that they’re waiting for someone to ‘buy it out’, whatever that might lead to. So here I am, another zany fangirl attempting to get the word out. 

On the off-chance that someone recognizes the complete fundraising machinethat tumblr can be when it comes to things we’re nuts over. 

Just saying.

A Kickstarter could solve that problem really damn fast. 

This has been:

Elpie Screaming About a Movie Again. 



Ok I shouldn’t care what this is about because helloooooooo HOECHLIN but it actually looks like it could be quite funny!

Whoooo hooo!

Anyone got any idea when it will be releasing?