m: lost

Have you ever just laid down and thought about how you have so many ‘friends’ but in actuality you have no one? It’s not like you wanna think about it but you do. and you start to cry but you don’t want anyone to hear you so you start to silent cry and it’s the most painful feeling because you wanna scream and let all your emotions out but you put your hand over your mouth, close your eyes, and lets the tears and your fears consume you.
You say you like me and you love hanging out with me and that everything is fine but my mind is so full of broken thoughts from past friendships that i know at some point, you’re just gonna leave me behind, i’ll be left in the dark wondering what i did wrong again, missing you because you were the only one who cared, and thinking about how short lived we were.
—  spitefully unaware
And despite what you might think, my skin is not rough; nor is it bullet proof. My skin is soft, and smooth and easily scarred.
—  Hannah Baker’s poem (13 Reasons Why)
eventually i became paranoid, sitting between 4 walls, listening to the same song on repeat, wondering if you were just as paranoid as i am…
And you run around barefoot and dirty in your old blue jeans, asking strangers if it is all just a dream, if they can see you, if they can hear you, with fingers crossed. Simply because, you cannot feel everything around you, including yourself.
—  Lukas W. // So lost