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i've been puzzled by Critical Role for such a long time like i know it's a bunch of people playing D&D but how does it WORK??? and how can you binge it?? i checked an episode at random and it wAS 4 HOURS LONG HOW ???

Oh man, I honestly had these same exact questions/concerns before I started watching. It literally took me 8 months to finally decide to give the show a try and I just cannot express how glad I am I did. It seems so massive and overwhelming, but I’m gonna legit answer these questions and only hijack your ask to gush about the show a little to tempt you in

how does it WORK???
I knew veryyyy little about the mechanics of D&D going in. I’d never played any tabletop RPG (though I’d been interested in trying one for a long time), and pretty much my understanding was the really general ‘it’s whatever you can imagine/you do whatever you want to do and you roll dice to see if you’re successful’ etc., and the Community episodes where they play D&D. I was not quite sure how this was going to logistically be something you watch long term (as a non-participant) nor if I was going to be interested in/connect with characters that I can’t really seeI’m a pretty visual person. The idea of D&D made sense to me logically before I watched Critical Role, but I didn’t really get it until I started watching. So, tbh the best way to understand how it works is to give it a shot. (If you’re like me you won’t understand everything immediately—you pick it up as you go, and what you don’t understand of the mechanics really doesn’t matter because you can still understand the story they’re telling.)

Logistically speaking, everyone is visible on screen at the same time: 7-8 players on one half of the screen, and the Dungeon Master (DM), Matt, on the other side. Matt basically describes where the characters are (physically and narratively), and presents them with a catalyst (e.g., a character asking them for help, a villain attacking, etc.) that starts the action and the players decide how to respond. Really, the three core aspects in my opinion are 1) collaborative storytelling, 2) improvisational theatre, and 3) logic puzzles.

and how can you binge it?? 
Oh man. I mean this literally: I was watching/listening to Critical Role every single chance I got. I devoured it. Minimum of three episodes a day, and forcing myself to go to sleep and leave it. There are a lot of reasons I could binge it:

  • The storytelling. It’s so damn good. One of the most narratively rewarding stories I’ve watched or read in years. The world-building is fantastic and has no loose ends (while feeling MASSIVE and open and real). The plot is interesting, well-planned, and character-driven; everything feels meaningful in one way or another. The NPCs Matt introduces are all rich and compelling and unique. And—something I value immensely in story that I rarely get—there are consequences. Honest-to-god consequences for everything, and it always feels appropriate for the action, and well-timed (things don’t always bite you immediately! But also sometimes they do!). 
  • The players. They make such ridiculous, amazing choices that keep the story unpredictable but realistic. All of them have stellar comedic timing, but can also make me cry at the drop of a hat. They care so deeply about the characters and invest everything into the game/their interactions, and it just feels rewarding to invest my time in them and their world. Not a single issue connecting to the characters—they sell them 100%, but they do feel separate from the actors in a good way. 
  • Found family. The chemistry of this group is amazing—it’s a group of real life best friends and it feels like it, constantly—and it comes through in both the players’ relationships and the characters’. It’s just fun, and warm, and comforting to see people (real and fictional) who care as much about each other as these guys do. It’s just a good time. I see my friends in them, and I see friends I would like to have. 
  • You can have it on in the background. Logistically speaking, this is how you can binge it. While it can be something you sit and watch—trust me—it’s also essentially a filmed podcast, so you have have it in the background, or listen to it without video like I did while I was doing my dumb data entry job. (Bless my boss for letting me listen to stuff.) And, as much as the completist in me hates to say this, it’s likely you’ll tune out occasionally; the long fights can become number-crunching heavy/repetitive, and they do have some circuitous conversations when they’re planning what to do. 
  • You’ll wanna go into the tag. If you don’t care about spoilers this won’t mean as much to you, but I was dying to dip into tumblr to find fanart and headcanons and gifs and stuff, but I didn’t want to spoil myself. So there was that kind of urgent push for me to catch up AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!!! so I could go looking. Plus, because there is a new episode every single week, there’s none of that pesky urge to put off watching something until a hiatus, you know?

i checked an episode at random and it wAS 4 HOURS LONG HOW ???
And sometimes more than that! They do SO MUCH STUFF each week (plot and character development and fighting and relationship progression and they don’t rush ANYTHING), they have to make so many decisions, and they just burn through those 3+ hours. (And they usually end up stepping in it somehow and having to make a detour to clean up their own mess, lbr.) Honestly, these episodes look fucking long, and they are, really. But the time stamps are a bit off at a quick glance; about the first half of the series has inflated run times—fans started sending in gifts they would open at the end, they did Q&As, they had subscriber milestone awards, etc.—so some of that is skip-able. It’s fun, but definitely stuff you can go back and watch once you’re caught up and out of content. There are also a few one-shot episodes here and there that you can also skip until you catch up. (Definitely worth watching though, later!)

So, it is a little less than it looks like. But truthfully, it just goes by really fast. You get sucked in. The action goes fast. You’re dying to see what happens next. The biggest issue I had with this series was starting it, so honestly for anyone interested in this series I recommend just watching the first episode. Don’t worry about reading up on what happened before they started streaming the show, don’t worry about knowing who the characters are, or what it’s going to look like. It won’t make full sense until you just dive in. (That being said, if you want a reference theargentumlupine’s primer is fantastic and was very comforting to have going in.) It seems unthinkable when you’re looking at 2384975987295 hours of canon, but as early as episode ~40 I started worrying about being out of episodes  ❤

In the Wrong Hands (Reggie Mantle X Reader)

Okay so literally nobody sent me any requests or prompts but I decided to go ahead and do one that @bandstripper suggested for me to do. I am not going to tell anyone what the prompt was because I want it to be a surprise! But I hope everyone enjoys this imagine and yes I am making a part 2 to this one.


Riverdale High, a place where sports are the biggest priority and where jocks and cheerleaders ruled over the other students. The school always had the best quality equipment for those who were apart of the athletics department and the announcements for pep-rallies and football games were non-stop, hyping the students up to show their school spirit at all times.

To you the hectic activities sent your brain spiraling and you tried to avoid the busy life that came with being athletic but unfortunately there was no way that your talents would stay hidden.

Cheryl Blossom had begged and pleaded with you for weeks to join as co-captain of the cheer squad before you finally caved in and joined the River Vixens. Cheryl was thrilled to have you beside her and she bragged to others that the two of you were in the same ballet class for years and that she could spot your talent from a mile away. Secretly, you were also happy that you were able to become closer friends to the red headed bombshell.

Soon enough you were being asked out by the super cute football player that was Reggie Mantle. He also needed time to convince you. He ended up sending flowers, cards, and sweets to you every single day for a month before you said yes to a milkshake at Pop’s. After that date, the two of you were dubbed “End-game” by the student body and those that dared to try and flirt with you ended up having to face Reggie when he found out… and he always found out. Everyone was enjoying life but that was before Jason Blossom’s murder…

It was a year after you had started the cheer squad, the new school year had started and everyone was on edge and gloomy. A lot of things had changed in the past year, you and Cheryl had grown to become best friends, you and Reggie were still going quite strong, Veronica Lodge started attending Riverdale high, her and Betty Cooper joined the cheer squad soon after school started, and Jason Blossom was murdered.

End Prologue

           It had been a couple of months since the start of the new school year and you were walking out of the gym to grab lunch with Cheryl and some of the other River Vixens when you spotted your boyfriend talking to Veronica Lodge. Now you weren’t necessarily the jealous type but something felt off to you, especially the way Veronica had placed her hand on your bicep and threw her head back with a very over exaggerated laugh. You quickly glanced away and looked at Cheryl who had her eyes narrowed at the flirtatious interaction, grabbing her arm you pulled her towards the cafeteria.

“Y/N what are you doing! Didn’t you see that?” Cheryl just about screeched.

“I know but I am going to ask Reggie about it later, I don’t think he would do anything.” You said, a little unsure in your own words. Cheryl mumbled a quick “he better not” along with a threat that you chose to ignore. Quickly, the two of you were focused getting your lunch instead of letting what you saw get to you. You knew Reggie and you knew that while he used to be surrounded by girls, he wasn’t a player and you hoped that your relationship status wasn’t going to change anytime soon.

You still had two classes after lunch was over before you were going to be able to talk to Reggie. Your anxiety started to increase as the clocks ticking went on, you and Reggie had never had to talk about this kind of thing before. when you first started going out guys were too scared to approach you let alone publicly flirt with you and Cheryl had scared off any girl who even thought about trying to get near Reggie. You smiled, remembering how protective Cheryl became of you after you two became closer. She would have never let anyone spread rumors or hurt you without causing havoc.

“What are you smiling to yourself about?” Reggie asked chuckling as he startled you. Looking down at you watch you realized the end of day bell had already rang and you had been lost in your thoughts.

“ Just thinking about how over protective Cheryl was when we first became friends.” You giggled as you watched Reggie scrunch up his face, remembering what Cheryl was like when the two of you started dating.

“Yeah good thing I had you to protect me or I might have been ripped to shreds.” He stated giving you a lopsided grin.

“Wanna go to pop’s?” You asked gathering your books together and putting them into your book bag.

“Damn babe I can’t, Veronica and I have to work on a biology project that’s due on Friday, can we go tomorrow after class?” Reggie asked, jutting out his bottom lip and giving you the most irresistible puppy eyes.

“Uhh sure that’s okay, I’ll just get a milkshake with Cheryl, text me okay?” You hesitated with your answer, the anxiety building back up again. Reggie flashed you a brilliant smile before he rushed out to what you hoped was the library.

Later that night you and Cheryl were sharing a plate of fries and enjoying pop’s one of a kind milkshakes. The two of you were gossiping and on your phones, when suddenly Cheryl slammed her hands down on the table and stood up.

“I’LL KILL HIM!” Cheryl hissed loudly, confused you looked at her phone and saw an Instagram post. It was Veronica and Reggie, they were in the library and it looked like Veronica was taking a selfie while sitting on Reggie’s lap with her arm around his shoulders and their heads pressed together.

Okay so that is the end of part one i really hope that everyone likes it and i will be uploading part two very soon!!



I think one of the biggest misconceptions that a lot of folks have about early tabletop RPGs is the assumption that high-level play is meant to look basically the same as low-level play, just with bigger numbers and different-coloured monsters.

If you look at the way they’re put together, however, that’s clearly not intended to be the case. Particularly among early versions of Dungeons & Dragons and its various imitators, there are clearly defined early, late and endgame phases, and in some cases, even a sort of postgame - though it’s often a challenge to tease out exactly what those phases are meant to look like; if there’s anything that early D&D and its contemporaries share, it’s being absolutely terrible at explaining how the rules are assuming the game is going to be played.

Take AD&D, for example - moreso the first edition than the second, though they both have similar ideas in mind. Folks often wonder what the deal is with high-level fighters spontaneously developing armies of followers. It’s kind of weird for them to just pop up out of nowhere as the rules suggest, and anyway, what good is a hundred first-level mooks in a high-level dungeon crawl? Wouldn’t they just die?

The answer is that, well, yes, they would be useless in high-level dungeon crawls, but the game is making a tacit assumption that dungeon crawling is no longer the primary focus of play at that level. Though it never actually comes out and explains it, the game has a baked-in progression whereby levels 9 through 11 mark a transitional phase away from dungeon crawling and toward domain management: fighters claim fiefdoms, clerics establish temples and train disciples, wizards begin constructing dungeons of their own and stocking them with monsters.

That’s why the rules want all those followers and infrastructure to just pop into existence at the appropriate level: to smooth over the boring setup phase and let you dive right into the fun parts of managing your domains. That isn’t to say that dungeon crawling stops outright, but it becomes a bit of a sideshow - if you’re tackling a dungeon, it’s a means to an end, not a goal in itself. Heck, if you’re a wizard, you may well be the one running the dungeon!

(That touches on another subtlety that often gets lost in translation, incidentaly. If you ever thought the spell list for high-level wizards looks weird as hell, you’re totally correct - from the perspective of a dungeon crawler. Look at it from the perspective of a dungeon administrator, however, and those spells’ intended purpose becomes much clearer. Prior to the game’s 3rd edition, which retooled itself to focus on dungeon crawling over the full span of levels, basically any wizard spell of 6th level or higher is operating on a totally different set of gameplay assumptions than the ones you might be expecting.)

Of course, none of this should be a new concept to modern players; many single-player CRPGs exhibit a similar transition from running fetch-quests to building and overseeing settlements at high levels, and even MMOs tend to have well-defined main game and endgame phases that share little in common in terms of their core gameplay. The problem isn’t that it’s an unfamiliar notion; the problem is the presumption that it’s a modern notion, when in fact the opposite is true - tabletop RPGs that remain focused on dungeon crawling throughout the life of a campaign are actually the more recent development.

Kiss the rain

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 1111
Summary: Rumors and idol life put a strain on your relationship with Jimin.
A/N: Requested by my dearest Mong J

The morning had started out well. You met with your boyfriend Jimin, whom you teased for wearing sunglasses and a black leather jacket that only made him more conspicuous. The two of you squeezed side-by-side in a corner booth of a cozy cafe. It was raining, so you both ordered hot chocolate with marshmallows, warming your hands around the mugs while he told you stories from his group’s recent tour stops.

But the whines and obnoxious laughter of a gaggle of student from a nearby table made it difficult to concentrate on your chat. Unwillingly, you heard the topic of their conversation: BTS’ Jimin and Red Velvet’s Seulgi. These rumors had been going on for months. You tried forcing yourself to listen to Jimin’s story, but once you heard the gossiping students, they seemed impossible to unhear—how Jimin and Seulgi sent each other signs through social media like other idol couples had before being discovered, how they wore couple necklaces and bracelets, how Jimin had become so much more charismatic and confident after the rumors started… helped by his hot idol girlfriend.

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“the brothers drake” aka chapter 16 of uncharted™: a thief’s end™ is a masterclass in narrative and reveals more about a single never before seen character via the use of environmental storytelling and optional interactive artefacts than most films manage to reveal about their main characters over the course of their entire two hour length and that’s why video games are art and also why i’d die for naughty dog

BTS Reaction - Their S/O Using Pet Names

Hey! This is my first post on this blog, I hope you like it! If you want to see more of my work, please follow my blog, I would really appreciate that. 

~BTS reaction to their S/O using a pet name for the first time~


Jin just came exhausted from a dance practice. You knew he was going to come around this time, so not too long ago you ordered some takeaway food. The moment your boyfriend entered the kitchen and saw the food, his stomach growled of hunger.

He started laughing, saying a “Hello, honey!” between his giggles. You smiled warmly and sat down at the table, just like he did. Both of you started eating in silence, your boyfriend rushing to eat all the food so he could go take a shower as soon as possible.

“Cupcake, stop eating so fast or else you’re going to choke!“ you said with a worried look on your face.

“Cupcake?“ he mumbled as he slowed down a bit with a satisfied look on his face.

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You and Yoongi had such a great relationship. No one tought you will last more than an year, but here you are. Of course you argued from time to time, but you love each other more than anyone thinks.

One day, you headed to the boys dorm. You already had a spare key, so you didn’t bother knocking. As you entered the living room, you saw than Bang PD is having a serious talk with the boys. You saluted politely and asked if you could stay and listen. Bang PD didn’t mind you, since you were already part of the family. Your boyfriend, Yoongi, smiled faintly at you as you sat on an armchair.

“As you may know, the new album will be released soon. Now all you have to do is record the song that the company chose from the ones you wrote, and after that prepare a choreography and shoot the M/V. That in less than 3 months. It’s going to be hard work, but I believe in you boys!“ Bang PD said.

You thought: with so much work to do in such a short time, your boyfriend will be exhausted. You glanced his way and he seemed deep in tought. Of course, more work meant less time to spend together, but you couldn’t complain. It was his dream afterall.

Bang PD talked again:

“Let’s hear the song that our team decided to be the head of the mini album!“

As the song started playing, you immediately shouted: “That’s my sugar bear’s track!”

Everyone looked at you and started laughing, as you blushed more and more. Yoongi, not long after, said with a gummy smile on his face: “Who is sugar bear? I don’t know such a person. Plus, I believe that’s my song, not a bear’s.”

You excused yourself, since you knew your boyfriend will tease the heck out of you all day long. Actually no, for eternity. However, you were sure that deep, deep down in his heart, very deep indeed (as deep as his D in you at night), he loved the idea of being your “sugar bear”.

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Hoseok was yet again practising late at night with the boys. For the past few months, whenever he was staying until late at dance practice, you would always go and encourage him to give it his all. It was nice supporting your boyfriend and also a very efficient way of avoiding not seeing each other because of both’s busy schedule. As you entered the practice room you saw the boys dancing with all of their hearts. Hoseok saw you enter and smiled at you, while still concentrating on the choreography.

Oh boy, wasn’t he amazing? After the song ended everyone greeted you properly and Hoseok handed you his phone.

“Boys, take a break. I want Y/N to shoot a video of me practising that new dance before I teach you guys. I want to make sure it looks good for the camera.“ Hoseok said while looking in the boys’ direction.

“Please, cutie.“ He smiled at you and went to his spot to get ready.

You started recording as the music started playing. You watched your amazing boyfriend dance. His movements were so powerful, yet so graceful at the same time. Was that even possible? As he finished his dance, you said:

“Great work, sunshine! Guess you really are fantastic, lovey.“

He smiled as he got closer to you and asked:

“What did you just said? “lovey”? Say it again! Pleaseee! Come on, sweetie!“ He hug you, while trying to force you to repeat your words.

“Ugh, you’re so sweaty, lovey.“ You said, finally giving up. As you two continued to act like a lovely couple, some people were getting annoyed by the way you two acted. Maybe because of jelousy, or because of need of silence, the other boys couldn’t stand anymore your late practice meetings.

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It was an usual Friday night with your boyfriend, Namjoon. You just wanted to watch a film… A FCKING FILM. However, Namjoon, as always, had to break something. You loved him so much, but his clumsiness annoyed the heck out of you, especially when you were on your period.

Tonight you just wanted to cuddle and have some snacks together while ignoring your stomach cramps. Unfortunately, Namjoon, as he was looking for his phone, he accidntally stepped on the DVD player, which meant no film for the two of you tonight. It was so broken that not even repairing it was an option.

“Seriously?! You always do this! You always ruin our cute moments by being ignorant to your sorroundings, Kim Namjoon! I hate you!“ You sayed on a irritated tone, while death staring at him.

“I’m so sorry you feel this way, Y/N.“ He was looking down at the ground, probably wanting to die at that moment because he upset you. He wanted to make you feel better today and he screwed it up.

Your period wasn’t an excuse for the way you acted and you felt extremily bad for what you’ve said. Namjoon was standing in front of you, unable to say how sorry he was.

“Joonie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that and you know it.“ He was still silent and didn’t dare raise his head to look into your eyes.

“Look at me, please! Honey bear…“ as moments passed you felt more and more horrible. Suddenly, he looked at you in awe and said:

“Honey bear? Wow that’s the first time you call me that… I’m sorry babe.“

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s just cuddle for now, ok?“ you reassured him.

“Only if you promise to call me “honey bear” more often.“ He said with a giggle.

“Promise.“ you said as your pinky fingers interlocked.

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You were waiting for your boyfriend to exit his company’s building since he had practiced until late at night. He told you he’ll finish in 5 minutes, but that was an hour ago. You sigh in annoyance while still waiting patiently. You loved that Jimin was so passionate about his work, but this was way too much. Besides, you were sure he didn’t eat anything all day long, again.

You see him exit the building in a hurry, heading home. He didn’t see you at all. You yelled at him and he stopped in his tracks.

“Park Jimin, I’ve been waiting here for over an hour for you!“

“Cutie, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you were waiting! Why didn’t you come inside?“ He asked with an apologetic look on his face.

“Because I trusted your texted that said “only 5 minutes“.“ You glared at him as you showed him the text.

“I promise it won’t happen again! I’m really sorry.“ he says innocently.

“It’s ok. Now let’s go get something to eat and then head home. Shall we, mister cutie?“ you teasingly asked.

“Ah, what’s up with those nicknames? You make me blush, snuggle bug.“

“Where did “snuggle bug” came from?“ You slightly hit him in the arm.

“The same place “mister cutie” came from.“ He playfully answered, as he took your hand in his and continued walking.

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Lately, the love of your life, Kim Taehyung, stopped caring so much about you. And who was at faut for that? Maybe you because you’ve been so busy with work, or maybe him because he was too busy with work, or maybe Jeon Jungkook for giving Taehyung a new game to play that took away all of your boyfriend’s free time.

Whenever you went to boys’ dorm, you found Taehyung playing that damn game. And surely, you could have played with him, but it’s single player… and not to mention you suck at those kind of games.

You got so fed up with his attitude that today you decided to grab his attention no matter what. You went to the dorms, and knocked on the door powerfully, Jin answered as always.

“Good luck! Maybe this time he’ll at least salute you…“ Jin said with an apologetic look on his face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he will beg for my attention to him.“ You winked at Jin as you entered.

You went straight next to your boyfriend and grabbed his private member tightly.

Little did you care that the other boys saw what you were doing.

You lightly squeeze it and he pauses his game a bit shocked because of your sudden confidence. You get up proud of already making him hard and start walking towards the door. Tae clumsily gets oh his feet and follows you:

“Y/N, wait! You can’t leave me like this. Kitten, please. I’ll do aegyo if you come back here. Anything you want, that’s what I’m gonna do!“

He desperately tried to stop you. As you passed the boys that were staring at you and your boyfriend, you heard Jin say while laughing: “Well, he surely is begging you now.”

You turned around, facing Tae, and asked on a scarcastic tone: “What do you want, muffin head?”

“I want your attention, kitten. Only your attention.“ he responded as he guided you to his room.

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Your boyfriend, Jungkook, was on Tour in Japan. You missed him so much since you haven’t seen him at all in the last 2 months. Sure, you skyped, but most of the time he was too tired to talk with you more than two minutes or so. Back when he was in Korea with you, you talked daily for hours and now, because of the tour, you grew so distant from each other. That’s why you decided to surprise him by visiting him and the boys in Japan. You went at a fan meeting and you silently waited in line to see the boys. Once you got closer to Jungkook, you couldn’t handle your excitement and happiness and you just shouted “Oppa!”.

He saw you immediately and pure shock was written all over his face. He got up from his seat, ignoring Bang PD’s shouting to stay put, and walked towards you. You also went closer to him and embraced each other tightly. You missed him so much. His smell, his peachy soft skin and his breath on your neck. You coud hear fans screaming at Jungkook. Some of them were happy, thers were angry, but you didn’t care what was happening around you. He kissed your forehead softly and guided you backstage, so you’ll escape fans death stares.

“You are crazy for coming all the way here.“ he laughed.

“I know. I’m crazy in love with you.” You said teasingly.

“Is that so? I missed you so much, baby. Now I got to go.“ He started heading again to the small stage.

“Oh by the way“ he added “I want to hear that “Oppa” scream again tonight, ok? If not, then you’ll be in trouble, babe.“ He winked at you, while going back to meet his now full of questions fans.

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Capcom announces all new Puzzle Fighter for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

The sequel to one of the most popular puzzle games of all time comes to mobile in the all new Puzzle Fighter. Developed by Capcom Vancouver from the ground up, the classic arcade puzzle game gets modernized with a new look and new features for free download on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The game will be coming soon for soft-launch in select countries and a global release is planned for late 2017.

Puzzle Fighter features an outstanding roster of legendary characters and stages from popular Capcom franchises. Fan-favorites such as Ryu, Ken or Chun-Li (Street Fighter), X (Mega Man), Morrigan (Darkstalkers), Frank West (Dead Rising) and more come to life with VO and cinematic special moves. Players pick one main character each with their own strengths and benefits, to face-off in explosive gem-crushing action. In addition, two assist characters can be chosen to further enhance the abilities of the main character. Simple to learn but deep in strategy, this highly addictive puzzle game has players strategically building up gems and destroying them to unleash epic combos that can knock out their opponent. Thrilling real-time versus battles, rewarding single player options and an array of content to unlock await in this ultimate puzzle fight!

Fans in North America attending PAX West 2017 in Seattle are invited to stop by Capcom booth #2309, which will feature the first hands-on demo for the game.

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Do you know any good fics where stiles is a single parent?

For the Love of the Game by RTSideStories

Derek Hale has been suckered by the School Board into coaching the after-school pee wee lacrosse team, alongside his regular teaching duties at the high school English Department. While waiting on one of his players’ parents to pick up their kid (who has been an hour late at this point), he meets Sheriff Stiles Stilinksi and gets entangled in his life of single parenting and the cut-throat world of pee wee lacrosse and helicopter parents. He’ll also come to realize how much he actually loves “his kids”, and will forever be grateful for his shitty teaching contract.


“I accidentally fell in love with my son’s pee wee coach”


The five times that Derek Hale was impressed at Stiles’ parenting skills, and the one night that Stiles realized Derek was one hell of a parent himself.

i wish i had a river by thepsychicclam

Derek is the editor of a successful publishing firm, and is horrible to all his employees, including Stiles. On Christmas Eve night, he gets visited by three spirits and has to take a look at his life.

aka A Sterek Christmas Carol

Suspicious Minds by HaleHole (SweetFanfics)

“Don’t feed Balto your pizza,” Stiles mildly warns his daughter.


Stiles pauses, mouth open and cheese sliding off the pizza as he parrots, “Derek? Who’s Derek?”

His daughter rolls her eyes, like Stiles has just asked her the dumbest question ever. “The wolf, Daddy!”

“You changed his name?” Stiles asks in surprise. Usually she’s pretty set about naming things. Her doll’s name was decided two seconds after receiving it, the car has been Alonzo for three years now, and the toaster ‘Pop’ for the last six months.

Meg nods, prodding the sliding cheese back on top of her slice. “Yeah. He told me his name is Derek. And that he doesn’t really like Balto.”

“Is that right?” he asks, eyeing the wolf who seems far too interested in watching a pair of animated moose arguing. It’s official. This wolf is weird. This whole situation is weird.

Separated from Laura after being cornered by some hunters, an injured Derek finds himself being rescued by Stiles and his young daughter. In more than one way.

Hale’s School for Wolves (And Confused Parents) by katiesomething

Stiles Stilinski was sure that his life was finally settling into a normal routine. Then his two adopted kids started sprouting hair and claws.

Luckily, there’s a school for everything these days.

It’s in the Name by lifeofalostelf

Of course Stiles would get a girl pregnant the moment he lost his virginity. That was how it worked for Stiles. Always expect the unexpected. At least he had the pack to help him through this, and his father, always his father.

Cause I Built a Home (For You, For Me) by noneedforhystereks

Mechanic!Derek and Daddy!Stiles

Derek Hale is a mechanic in the sleepy town of Beacon Hills, where he has lived all of his life. He spends his day in a simple routine: wake up, fix cars, go home, sleep. It’s what he’s good at, and it keeps things simple and uncomplicated. Derek doesn’t let people in and remains emotionally distant from everyone except his sister, Laura, and her daughter. This all changes when Boyd tows in an old blue Jeep that needs a lot of work and Derek meets the owner of said Jeep.

Because once Derek meets Stiles and his kids, he can’t stop himself from caring. And he doesn’t want to stop.

two related things
  1. hockey culture that celebrates athletes putting their health, future, and happiness on the line just for a single game is toxic and players deserve better respect for it. we should be teaching human beings that their lives have more value than our entertainment
  2. the masterton trophy should not take personal illness or injury into account and should focus on the playing career or other problems in the players personal life in which playing through is commendable because it helped them get through said hard ship (craig anderson for example, has solace in hockey and it has helped him and his wife).
You know...

I am not trying to make firewood out of the fallen tree, but moments like this make me thankful that id software got the long awaited, new DOOM game just right.

Mistakes were made with the multiplayer, yes, but when you look at the single player mode of the game, and then you look at the other retro FPS games that got new sequels/reboots, one can’t help but being thankful.

What just happened is nothing but yet another reminder that things could’ve gone very, very wrong for DOOM fans.

Jily Trope Fest Masterlist

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An excerpt from the Zimmerflow ™ fic because I told @omgpieplease/ @cannedtalent I would do it.

Jack makes a bet on the best day of his life and promptly forgets about it. He’s too busy being a Stanley Cup Champion to remember a ridiculous wager he’d made when he was tipsy. Besides, he was the most sober player at that party. There’s no way anyone will remember it. Right?


Turns out, Tater had filmed not only most of the party (“For memories, Zimmboni! Precious moments with team, no?” And really, how can Jack argue with that?) but he’d taken special care to capture every single idiotic syllable of the bet.

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opinions on black mesa if you've played it? i'm considering purchasing it in the sale but unsure

A genuinely good and fun video game in it’s own right that largely sticks to the pacing of the original half-life (and in fact when it does not that is usually because the maps are straight up bigger) and has continuously improved in quality ever since it’s release as a free mod five years ago. I stayed up for the midnight online launch of the original mod and marathoned the entire game and loved it.

The retail version no joke offers double in quality and content from what the original mod did, and that’s not a pay wall; all the new content in the retail version is stuff they made after the publishing and patching of the free mod. I’m not being hyperbolic at all when i say Black Mesa is the greatest success story ever in the single player source modding community.

This has been my elevator pitch for Black Mesa buy the got damn game.

7 Thoughts on Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

On July 20, 2017, Game Grumps released Dream Daddy a Dad Dating Simulator. The dating sim, written by Leighton Gray and Vernon Shaw gives players the ability to create and customize their own “dad” before letting him loose in a new neighborhood populated by several good-looking men, all of whom are fathers. As you navigate life as a single parent to a teenage girl, you get to chat and canoodle with seven daddies, each of them with unique interests, goals and desires. There’s Brian the rival dad. Joseph, the cool youth minister dad. Craig is the fitness dad. There’s the cool dad named Mat. Damien is our goth dad. Teacher dad is Hugo. Last (but certainly not least) there is Robert the bad dad.

This past weekend, I purchased Dream Daddy a Dad Dating Simulator and I was immediately charmed by the diverse cast of dads, each of their stories, and their cheesy dad humor. Below, I will list seven thoughts I have in regards to Dream Daddy. For those who have not played the game, I suggest you go download it from Steam because there will be spoilers in this post. You have been warned….

  1. Before playing the game, I immediately knew I wanted to get with with Brian, the burly and bearded bear (go figure). However, as I started playing the game more, I realized all of these men have something wonderful to offer. There are certain characters who are, aestically-speaking, more my type than others but this game goes beyond the physical and you really get to know these men for who they truly are. I can honestly say, I was not expecting this out of a game like this but I am so glad they went there. 
  2. I love the relationship between your “build a daddy” and his daughter, Amanda. It’s giving me Rory and Lorelei Gilmore vibes. Your “build a daddy” would be content to just sit around and watch TV all day and night but it is Amanda who encourages him to get out and bond with all of the other daddies in the neighborhood. If I had a kid, I’d want him or her to be like Amanda.
  3. I love how you can choose between having your late-spouse be male or female and how you can choose if whether or not Amanda is your biological child or  adoptive child. Ultimately, the point of this game is, it doesn’t matter the circumstance, love is love.
  4. At the beginning of the game you are introduced to all seven dads in your neighborhood. Your interactions with these dads will ultimately influence your relationship with each of them. The cool part is, this game really kept me on my toes in that regard. Since these seven dads are based on archetypes of dads, it’s quite easy to fall into the trap of stereotyping them. Be careful about assuming things about these men because doing so could possibly yield a negative interaction. 
  5. Mat Sella is one of the dads you encounter in the game. Mat is a PoC (I am going to assume he is black) and he works as a barista. What I like most about Mat is he is the nerdiest character in the game! As a self-proclaimed black nerd, I was so excited to see Mat included in the game because there’s just not a whole lot of black nerd characters in media. On the same token, I love that Hugo Vega, a Latino character, is a college professor. Great job game creators!
  6. The animation is this game is flawless! Our characters are so beautifully rendered and one of my favorite parts of the Dream Daddy phenomena is all of the fan art that’s emerged because of this game. I also would like to commend the writers because the concept of this game, on paper, sounds really cheesy but the writers do an amazing job of giving each of our characters very compelling storylines. I have been working my way through each of the daddies’ respective journeys and so far I have not be disappointed. NOTE: I cannot wait to read all of the fanfiction that is written about the characters from this game!
  7. I figured Dream Daddy would be an instant hit with gay men but I was pleasantly shocked by how man straight men and women are also enjoying this game. Even my mom has gotten in on the Dream Daddy action. For years and years and years I have watched the evolution of video game media. Women have always been hyper-sexualized in video games so I think it is pretty awesome we have a video game were men are being exploited, but not in an icky sort of way. I hope we get more games like this. 

If you have some free time this weekend, I recommend purchasing this game (less than fifteen bucks) and getting your absolute life. I am beyond pleased and excited this game is getting such buzz and I hope we get a sequel in the very near future. 

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Hey! So I'm on my way to becoming a hanzo main. I love him to death. But it's so disheartening because whenever I join a game and choose him my team are like... no >:[ and I get so much abuse it's even worse because I'm a girl and when I start trying to defend myself they either just stop talking altogether (like why tho I'm not scary?) or the insults just get worse. It's really turning me away from ranked :/ is it just a hanzo thing or a girl thing or both argh I'm so stressed. I just wana play

I’m so sorry to hear you are having to deal with these kinds of toxic arseholes. Sadly, I know exactly what it’s like to be called out for the characters I play or because of the fact that I’m a girl. So, because this is an issue that is very dear to my heart, I will respond to this with a wall of text. Beware!

Let me start off by saying this.

Never, ever, ever, ever let sexist behaviour stop you from enjoying the games you play.

Under no circumstances let them stop you from using the features of the game you want to use, just because you are of a certain gender or you sound a certain way. Keep playing. Keep your head high. It will get better eventually - if they keep hearing women, if they keep seeing women in their games - we will have a future in gaming where women are an unquestioned part of. Please, never stop doing what you love in gaming because of sexist behaviour. Sometimes, it will be hard when you encounter vile people that are determined to ruin your day - you are allowed to be upset, but do not let it stop you from enjoying the game.

You are allowed to play your game. There’s girls out there playing the game you are playing now. In a lot of cases, you paid good money to play the game you want to play. You are allowed to play it the way you want to, just like they do. Your gender does not make you worse.

About encountering sexism
Even if it might feel like your reports do not make a difference: please, please report EVERY. SINGLE. ARSEHOLE. you come across and clearly state in the report that they are showcasing sexist behaviour if this is the case. I contacted Blizzard support a while ago because of a very vile player that threatened to find my IP address (which is impossible - Blizzard support ensured me), find my house and come there to rape, beat and ddos me. If people, be it in Overwatch or any other Blizzard game, are threatening you about harming you in real life, you are allowed to make a seperate report via the Support section on the Blizzard website. This will bring you in contact with a Game Master that you can correspond with and that will manually ban a player for you if necessary. The person from Blizzard Support that I had contact with was very adamant in letting me know that reports do help, and they do try their hardest to punish players for their behaviours.

So, with that out of the way: a lot of people will tell you to just mute and block the person that is being toxic towards you, but I do not think that solves the problem, at all - nor does it make you feel better. I will be honest and say that I have always gone against the person that insulted me for being a girl and turned it into a toxic back-and-forth of insults, often to the point of the person in question resulting to throwing the game because I was too quick to shot their toxic behaviour down with remarks. When people start insulting you for whatever reason, especially just because of sexist behaviour, I advise you to do one of 2 things:

1. If it makes you feel better, make a snide remark back, but do not make my mistakes and continue the conversation if it escalates. Because I know it can be very hard to come up with something witty the second something is happening, here is a tiny list of some of the things I have said to arseholes:

    • Sometimes they will mistake you for a so-called ‘squaker’, also known as a young boy that hasn’t grown into his adult voice yet (NOTE: there is absolutely nothing wrong with being young and playing games, however some people will be very hostile towards any young-sounding people). “Wow, shut the hell up, stupid kid.” to which I always respond, “Oh, you don’t know what an actual real life woman talking sounds like? Figures.”
    • “LOL you sound like one of those triggered feminists” > “I don’t know, the only one that seems pretty ‘triggered’ about there being a girl in-game is you” or “I thought that Reddit meme was declared unfunny months ago” or “Nice joke, did you find that one on the internet yourself?”
    • “Why do all girls play Mercy/Support/D.Va?” > “Why do all arseholes play [insert their character here]?”
    • “Girls can’t play” / “Oh, it’s a girl, we’re going to lose” / “No wonder we’re losing, we have a chick on the team” > “Oh, is that why we are losing? I mistook you for some guy that can’t play all along”
    • And the famous ones “Get back into the kitchen” / “Suck my dick” / “Make me a sandwich” > “Please let me know when you find some original insults” or “Nice. I think 2005 called and it wants it insult back”
    • What also often helps when all else fails is to just burst into obnoxious loud laughter, even if you don’t think it’s funny. It will make them feel ridiculed and have them shut up, even if it’s for a few seconds

However, never let the situation escalate to the point where you lose your focus on the game. After making a remark, drop the issue and report them. If they continue insulting, mute them - and tell your team you did so. “Alright, this guy is muted, let me know if he says something useful (like callouts, warnings, ult charge, et cetera)”. I know it’s very hard, and if you are anything like me, you will get very upset and angry (especially if you have been through this many times before), because it is not fair. It’s not fair that you have to justify being a girl, or choosing a type of hero just because some arsehole decided to comment on it. However, your wellbeing is a priority. If you need to turn off voice chat, if you need to leave the chat or disable it - do it.

2. Completely ignore them, but stay active in chat and voice. Act like they do not even exist. The second they start talking to you, making insults, trying to provoke you - either mute them, or just completely ignore them. Instead, try to still be active in voice chat and make helpful callouts, let people know there’s a flanking Genji, tell them about your ult progress, et cetera. Nothing is more infuriating to someone like that to be ignored and then still having their ‘victim’ enjoy the game.

Never hesitate to leave voice chat, team chat or match chat if you need to. Do not be scared to use this feature if you are bothered by what is happening. It can be a breath of fresh air to just play the game without having to worry about people commenting on you or on your performance.

About encountering hate for playing a certain character
In the case of Quick Play and Arcade: simply said, fuck ‘em. QP and Arcade are there for you to have fun in and try out new heroes and strategies, to just relax with your favourite hero, and to have fun. If people start complaining about your choice of hero - mute, immediately. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose in QP or Arcade. You don’t need their help - you are there to have fun.

However, Competitive is about winning games. Even though I encourage you to play heroes you are comfortable with or you want to play, try to see what is fitting for your team and switch your hero if it is not working out. ‘Maining’ a hero is a good think, being a ‘onetrick’ is not! (meaning: if there is a main hero you are best with, that’s great - but if it’s the ONLY character you can play, that poses a problem for your team)

That does not mean you let yourself be bullied into switching a character, even in Competitive. As soon as things start going bad for your team, a lot of people will have the tendency to blame the ‘weak link’ of the team - aka the person they think is contributing the least, which is often the hero pick they do not agree with. Hanzo, Sombra, Widowmaker, and plenty of other heroes are good examples of that. However, just because people are playing the blame game and have decided that you, as a Hanzo, are not doing well, does not mean you immediately have to switch. In a lot of cases, you might not even be at ‘fault’ for your team not doing well. Try to keep a clear head and assess the situation to see if there’s something YOU can do to make a difference. Are you doing enough for your team? Are you getting kills? Are you staying alive well enough? Are you getting enough damage in? Are you not dying constantly?

If you are fond of playing a hero a lot of people deem ‘unfit’ or ‘not meta’ and you know some people are going to have an issue with it, just communicate. When starting a match, just say something in chat like: “hey guys! I am a Hanzo player, it’s the character I’m most comfortable with and I can do well with him. If it’s not working out, I will switch, don’t worry! I can play [characters you are able to play], as well.” In some cases, you might have to compromise and play a different hero. That’s okay! Competitive is about winning - but do not play heroes you are not comfortable with. My advice is to learn 1 or 2 heroes in every category - so at least 1-2 tanks, 1-2 supports and 1-2 DPS you are good with. When starting a match, just feel free to pick the hero you want to play and communicate with your team with what you guys need to get a good composition going.

Please do not be discouraged by people being rude. Ranked is very hard in that matter that people are very scared of losing their precious SR and do not want to lose. Therefore, toxicity is higher there. Partly, Blizzard is at fault here for not enforcing a stricter banning and reporting system, but if we are to believe what they are telling us, that is getting fixed, soon.

I myself am taking a break from Ranked play for the moment. I was close to hitting Grandmaster, but my own frustration plus toxicity has ruined the experience for me for the time being. Sometimes all you need is a step back for some perspective.

Please just have fun and try to focus on your own personal addittion to your team. Even if you lose, you will know you did well in the end and helped your team in the best way you could have.

I hope my giant rant can help you and others somewhat. Sorry if it comes across sort of rambly, but I have a lot of feelings about sexism in games, haha. You do you and play the game the way you want to! ♥

excessively detailed headcanons - Dallas

What does their bedroom look like?
- messy as hell. his bed sheets are stained and ripped. his mattress has broken springs, making it really uncomfortable to sleep on
- he’s too broke to get a new one so he just deals with the back pain
- there’s posters on the walls of bands and singers he likes, all country or rock
- he has a closet but he’s too damn lazy to actually hang up his clothes so he puts them in piles

Do they exercise, and if so, what do they do? How often?
- bitch you thought
- the most exercise he gets is running from the cops
- you think he’s can be an active smoker and actively exercise?

What would they do if they needed to make dinner but the kitchen was busy?
- go out and dine and dash like the asshole bad boy he is

Cleanliness habits (personal, workspace, etc.)
- what is clean
- he shaves once a week “cause he’s blond”
- his showers are hot as hell. it literally burns his skin but he loves it
- it’s practice for burning in hell

Eating habits and sample daily menu
- he eats when he’s hungry
- likes finger foods the most
- eats non-finger foods with his hands
- loves burgers and pizza
- but New York pizza is the best and WILL complain about any pizza that isn’t from the city

Favorite way to waste time and feelings surrounding wasting time
- drinking or smoking
- or picking up hot chicks and banging those hot chicks
- wasting time is all he ever does
- he’s also really good at horseshoes??
- he loves bowling and pool and makes most of his money from his pool games

Favorite indulgence and feelings surrounding indulging
- it’s Treat Yo Self day everyday expect it’s stealing

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when you know you are on a roll and know you killed it in your game and are so proud of yourself and can’t wait to get your xp and see your medals 

and then the server crashes

Overwatch Rant

Okay. So I bought Overwatch about 6 days ago, and I’M OBSESSED. The game, the characters, the loot boxes, EVERYTHING. When the game came out, I didn’t want to buy it cuz I felt it was like another CoD but with fancy characters and there is no single player/campaign.

But you know what? The game is totally worth it. I’m level 23 or something now and I’m obsessed with playing. Every moment I’m not sleeping, working, hanging out with my family, I’m looking at something Overwatch-related or playing Overwatch. AND THE SHIPS. OMFG IT’S MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

I’ve turned into a huge #Meihem shipper and a few others, but Junkrat x Mei fanart has taken over my life. Tumblr and Instagram help me fill my obsess meter, and I wish there was more fan art or canon stuff or whatever for it.

Anyways, the game is fun and I wish there was a story mode instead of online animation shorts/comics available in the game. Maybe they’ll update or release an Overwatch 2 in the future, but for now, this thing is my life and I hope I don’t burn out on it soon.

I have it for xBox One, so feel free to add me! I’m always looking for Offense and Support players (or even tanks!) cuz I’m a Junkrat/D.VA Main. 👍

See ya in the next post!

Night Falls: Chapter 16

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: Brace yourself…6,225


A/N: In case you missed the announcement, @attractiverandomness is the TAG MASTER. So if you would like to be tagged in this series, head on over to her page!

Night Falls Master List

After that early morning, something changed; for the first time since you had met Dean, you two finally seemed to fall into sync with each other. There was no more bickering, no more snide remarks, and the two of you had–dare you say it–become friends.

You finally found your groove amidst all the craziness that your life had become; Dean would go to work each morning while you did what you could remotely. You usually finished up early, giving you plenty of time to spend time with Hannah and Ralph during the day. Hannah was still bubbly as ever, and the two of you began a mini book club. Every week or so, she would bring you something new to read, and each day you would talk about the few chapters you had read before bed. Ralph was still impossible to crack, just as stoic as ever, but you had finally managed to get him to open up when you approached him one day while he sat over a chess board. You had never played chess in your life, and in all honesty, were never overly interested in the game, but you had time to kill.

Turns out, Ralph was a master player and had been competing in chess tournaments since he was young. He had actually won enough scholarship money while competing in high school that he attended Columbia without paying a single dollar of tuition.

It literally took all those weeks to get that information out of him (though most of it came from Hannah), but at least you knew something about him, and now, you could even consider yourself an amateur chess player.

At 6pm every day, Cas would show up, relieving Hannah and Ralph. The two of you bonded in the kitchen, cooking up dinner each night before Dean would get back from the bureau. You sat around the table every night with the two of them at your side, listening to their stories and getting a sneak peek into the world beyond these faded walls.

But as the weeks went on, you could see the toll this case was taking on Dean; bags began to form under his eyes, and most mornings he left the house unshaved and clothes ruffled. You tried convincing him to trade his shifts, if nothing else just for a few times a week, but he brushed you off, assuring you he was fine. You even convinced Cas to talk to him about it, but Dean wouldn’t hear of it.

You’re my responsibility. I’m not going anywhere until this case is shut.

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Games Should be Allowed to be Short

I’m the writer and designer of the indie game Dead Horizon. It’s VERY short. It takes only ten minutes to play through. A lot of people wish it was longer, even though it’s free. They want to know why it’s so short. Well…

The game took six months to make. It’s also named after a line from the song ‘Bushes of Love’. It’s exactly as long as it’s supposed to be, because I think that sometimes… fiction is most powerful when it’s brief.

Much of my favorite fiction is short. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge is one of the greatest films of all time. The Lottery, the Yellow Wallpaper, I Robot, these are just some of the amazing short stories that have been written. Kirby’s Dreamland is one of the best games I’ve ever played and it takes about an hour. Don’t even get me started on poetry. My favorite poem of all time is by Edna St. Vincent Millay and it’s four lines long. It is also included in the game.

Every element was carefully constructed. The music and every frame of animation was designed with a specific purpose. The gameplay, a quickdraw duel where you have to pull the mouse cursor below the frame and back up, was specifically chosen to give the feel of drawing a gun.

There is an entire story bible, hundreds of pages of lore and background to make sure every element, even something like twin moons, exists in a grounded reality, even if the player never catches more than a glimpse of the edge of that.

There’s extras like a lore book in game and a instruction booklet done up in the style of the old Master System booklets that expand on this. But in the end it’s meant to be fleeting. The focus is on one character and her life flashing before her eyes. The game is about a single moment in time.

Every line in the game was written and rewritten dozens of times. Trying to match the proper tone or create the impact needed. Every object in the game has lookat text written for it even though most players will never click it.

Of course, there’s also plenty of stuff in there I just think is cool.

In the end it’s a short meditation on a lot of things. Gender, death, violence, love, redemption, the permanency of mistakes. I’m trying to say something. To connect with the people who play the game.

Most of all, I’m probably trying to connect with my grandfather. Who showed me westerns as I grew up and taught me a lot about what it meant to look someone in the eye and promise them a thing. Then do that thing no matter what.

I guess what I’m saying is it wasn’t a mistake that the game is short. It wasn’t a lack of business sense that made me release it for free. No lack of funds forced it to be the mini experience it is. I wanted to try and capture a mood, evoke an idea, and I wanted to do it quickly and get out just as quick.

It’s possible that this post took longer to read than the game does to play. Still, it’s free. It’s up over on Steam , Itch.io, Gamejolt, and even Newgrounds. If you agree with me that a story should be as long as the story needs to be… you should play it. Or, go play some other game people claim is too short and enjoy the experience while it lasts.