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[Caption: A tweet from @dean_devlin: Dear fans of #Leverage can you please explain to Netflix and Hulu how much you love the show? – Dated Sept 20, 2017]

Please go here: https://twitter.com/Dean_Devlin/status/910699750655090688 and do the thing if you can.  

I don’t know the what or the why of this, but whether it’s ‘keep this on your streaming sites’ or even ‘let us do a movie or another series’, I really don’t care.

Peggy and Parker’s relationship is seriously one of the purest things ever (even if it is built on a lie). I just. I can’t. Peggy was exactly what Parker needed. Parker’s excitement when she realized that Peggy told her a secret and that was something friends do, it gets me every time. I just love the two of them so much, and I’m sad we didn’t get more Peggy. 

Leverage x Harry Potter Crossover

Shout out to @beatrice-babe​ for helping me create this! And for getting me into leverage!

Note: This is more leverage taking place in the Harry Potter universe than anything more with Harry Potter

Words: 900+

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-Hardison is a Gryffindor all the way cause he is always ready to fight someone, super dramatic when he grifts, unashamed about his ideas/creations/nerdiness, calls out people on biases during cons

—-No one is sure what Hardison is because his family died when he was young and he was in foster care

-Sophie is a Hufflepuff, because the house is considered to be friends with everyone and that you can always trust a Hufflepuff. That’s key to Sophie’s grifting is making people underestimate her and to just see her at face value. She also works to make the offices more homey for the team, she takes care of them and teaches them, she’s extremely loyal and answers the phone during her away time.

—-Half-blood with a very elite pureblood line, that’s how she learned to wear various masks so well, and how to be unassuming enough that people will share secrets near you.

-Nate is a Ravenclaw, because he’s always playing games and working to come out on top, to be smarter than his opponent in all the ways. He’s the ravenclaw that answers the riddles with technically correct answers and is always toeing the line and crossing over it in ways where the professors can’t punish him because it technically wasn’t against the rules

—-Has non-magi parents, and half of his puzzles and games could from the muggle world because the wizarding ones are too simple.

-Parker is a slytherin, because she is extremely cunning when it comes to breaking into things she’s not supposed to, ambitious to be the first person to break into a new security system, high self-preservation but will fight to protect family till her dying breathe. 

—-She is a pureblood, but since she didn’t show outward signs of magic, they dumped her off at an orphanage. Archie is her father and he’s trying to win back her “love” as Parker is extremely talented with wards

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speaking of being an emotional wreck at the end of leverage and disbelief it was cancelled, I'm still hanging out hoping they make an ot3 movie. something something job gets out of hand so they call nate and sophie back in the game to help out as well also sterling is there. I need it.

I’m hoping John Rogers’ tweet about Netflix could be about a movie.

I just want to remind everybody

Leverage gave us a middle-aged couple who impetuously fell into bed and had hot passionate sex, then cleaned up their acts emotionally before committing to each other in marriage.

Leverage gave us a young black man gently, wisely courting a non-neurotypical blonde white woman.

Leverage gave us a young black man whose two white male best friends both describe him as the smartest man they’ve ever known.

Leverage gave us a guitar-playing country boy, an ex-hitman and army vet, who puts his life in the hands of a geeky black man and his blonde girlfriend (till death do them part).

Leverage gave us Parker, Sophie, Maggie, and Tara; it also gave us female villains with as much cunning, ruthlessness, and agency as any man’s. 

Leverage gave us villains who were rich, powerful, greedy white people who had to have just a little bit more, and a clever, cunning, usually compassionate, occasionally terrifying white guy who beat them at their own game and robbed the rich to help the poor.

Leverage, gentlefolx.

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can you link to the John Rogers’ tweet about Netflix???


But it’s not about a movie:

errantlight a réagi à votre billet “I just finished Leverage and honestly I’m an emotional wreck. I can’t…”

Netflix and Hulu are apparently thinking about dropping it: http://errantlight.tumblr.com/post/165606872792/x