m: larry

- Even if you like a real life ship

…and honestly believe it’s real DO remember they’re real people, and if anyone in the ship starts dating someone else (outside the ship) respect that and DO NOT blame them for hurting you or the other person in the ship, you don’t know the truth, remember that. And also, remember to love and support them through anything, and don’t hurt their loved ones. You’re a fan and you love them, so show your love.

i find it hilarious a group of people who keep insisting Louis & Harry are in a monogamous relationship for  5+ years because they both live on earth so ’THEY COULD be together when we are not watching’ are the same group of people who say  Danielle & Louis are NOT together because they are not seen sucking each other face off & smiling (preferably simultaneously) 24/7.  you lot are so outrageously illogical. how am i meant to take you seriously? what a joke