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The Louvre

Based off this picspam I made for @accidental-rambler‘s birthday a few months ago and @makemeamilkshake‘s request. Sorry for the long wait!

Big shoutout to @misssophiachase for betaing this for me. She’s a darling!

triggers: death (minor character)

She’s standing on the rooftop of the Louvre, surveying and testing the security for her next score, when there’s the slightest scuff of a boot against stone behind her.

It could have been anything, the brush of a pigeon’s wings against the building or a noise that drifts up from the Parisian cityscape, but Vicki’s senses, honed by two years on the run from nearly every major federal government in the world, know better. She remains poised on her toes, body stiff in its fight-or-flight response, prepared to disable her visitor in a mere matter of seconds.

Then she hears the tell-tale click of a gun as a bullet is pushed into its chamber and knows that she has no choice.

“I’d applaud you, whoever you are, for finding me,” Vicki says nonchalantly, “but you must be a fucking idiot if you think that taking me in will go easy.”

“Caroline Elizabeth Forbes,” her visitor replies in a light, feminine voice. “I never imagined meeting you here of all places.”

Vicki visibly stiffens, the unpleasant chill of disbelief spreading through her veins, because – who could have connected master thief and assassin Victoria Donovan with FBI Special Agent Caroline Forbes, graduated top of her class at Quantico, presumed dead in 2014.

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Wandering Souls, part 2

Hey! Sorry for the long delay for this long absence on Tumblr, life happened unfortunately! 

This was supposed to just be a far-off continuation of the first drabble when I originally planned for it during KAUWEEK, but it took a life of its own, so there will be at least one more part to end the story!

Also, it’s crossposted on AO3 if you want to review it or whatever!

I don’t usually like posting trigger warnings since it’s kind of a sort of spoilers but in this chapter there are mentions of rape and quite graphic violence, so be warned!

Hope you enjoy reading it!


The arrival at Fort William was not without pain. The deep anguish of knowing they were all dead. Him too. The sorrow of imagining their blood dripping like the usual rain of the Highlands on the blades of grass and soil they fought to their deaths for.

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  • you: what's the world's worst betrayal
  • me, on the outside: i don't know, cheating maybe
  • me, on the inside: when i open a fic whose summary was in third person but the story is actually in first

I actually work in a coffee shop and I came up with some prompts based on my experiences at work (or what I would wish would happen to me at work) //jazz hands//

  • I make killer latte art, except on your drink because you’re kind of gorgeous and you’re watching me make it and oh god my hand always shakes and makes it look awful. I am good at this usually I swear!
  • I just dropped a tray of coffee cups on the floor and you were the only customer in the queue to help me pick them up, but then you cut yourself helping me and hey thank you so much I feel so bad I’m taking you into the back to bandage that up no questions asked! (Bonus: I forgot I faint at the sight of blood)
  • I’m trying to close down the coffee shop so I can go home, and you just keep sitting there totally not getting all my really unsubtle hints to  l e a v e  p l e a s e. (Turns out you totally get the hint, you’re just trying to see how long you can stay before I kick you out why would you do this asdklfhdjask)
  • You asked if we did Rice Milk Lattes once and I went out to get some to make you one. Now you have one every day but we don’t actually even stock Rice Milk, I buy it myself with my own money. I have so much regret
  • It’s a really really slow day and you’re my only customer. You’re trying to do work on your laptop but I am really. bored. so I keep on chatting to you about junk and using my best pick up lines on you and you’re trying really hard not to be amused (but I can see you smiling!)
  • The coffee shop is actually closed but I can see you struggling with a map out there in the rain. Come into the warm, here have a hot drink, I can’t believe your phone is out of battery and you’re alone in this town you’ve never been to. There’s a spare uniform in the back, change out of those wet clothes (I’m trying hard not to think of you getting changed back there and hoping you didn’t hear my voice crack when I said yes when you asked if it’s ok if I towel dry your hair).
  • Our baker is off sick and I decided I’d fill in for them because how hard can it be? but I’ve burned nearly everything I’ve got out of the oven and you can’t stand it so you’ve grabbed a spare apron hanging behind the counter, rolled up your sleeves and started making cakes for me. I have got to repay you some way. How about if I buy you dinner?