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How people can say that Killian is wrong for Emma still baffles me.  Literally every time Killian’s life has been put in danger/he has actually died, he always put Emma ahead of himself.

4x10: Rumple has Killian’s heart and fully expects to die, but his final wish is for Rumple not to harm Emma (or anyone in Storybrooke).

4x22: Killian literally dies so that Emma and Henry could escape Evil!Snow.

5x11: Killian dies to undo what he’d done so that Emma doesn’t have to and can remain with her family.

5x20: Killian sends Emma home and remains in the Underworld so that she can be with her family and so she doesn’t get stuck in literal hell.

Killian wants to be with Emma, there’s no question about that.  However, he wants her to be alive, and safe more than anything, and he’s willing to sacrifice them being together for her wellbeing.  

Kentledge Hall

Chapter Four

A penniless dock worker inherits a title and his family’s destitute estate. In order to save the house and grounds, he puts an ad in the paper for a wealthy wife from the United States. The damaged Emma Swan is desperate for a new start anywhere but New York. Together, will they save Kentledge Hall?

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Within the next few weeks, Kentledge became more vibrant than it had ever been. The gardens were tended, the walls, floors, and chandeliers polished to perfection, and décor took on a new life. Emma had insisted that electricity be installed, since she had grown so accustomed to using it in New York. A telephone system was also going in to ease communication between the estate and the outside world. Sitting in her room, Emma shuffled through handfuls of swatches for the nearby Dowager house, which she and Killian had decided would be occupied by Regina. Emma was determined to make sure the house was in the best shape before they revealed it to her Aunt.

With a knock at the door, Emma looked up to see both Regina and Ruby enter the room. She smiled and tucked the swatches into a small box, putting it aside. She noticed the large boxes Ruby carried with her.

“What’s all this?” Emma asked, raising an eyebrow. She stood from the bed.

“They’re here!” Regina trilled with excitement. She grinned broadly. “We’ve received your gown and trousseau from Paris! And just in time. Two weeks to go. My, we cut it close. Ruby, you’ll have to work extra hard to get this to fit, if it needs any adjustments.”

Ruby smiled and gave a wink to Emma, then pulled open the first box. She moved the box to sit on Emma’s bed. Inside was a cream-colored silk gown, trimmed in silver beads and pearls. The three of them gasped. Although Emma was not eager for her wedding day’s eminent approach, she could still appreciate a beautiful gown when she saw it. Ruby carefully pulled the dress from the box and held it out. A long netted skirt grazed the floor.

“Put it on!” Regina urged, taking a seat across the room. With some difficulty, Emma maneuvered into the restrictive undergarments, then held it taut as Ruby buttoned each tiny button up the back. The tears in Regina’s eyes spoke volumes as Emma turned to the mirror. The gown was very nearly a perfect fit. The hem seemed a bit long for the current fashion, but she was convinced that Ruby could make it work. Moving closer to her mistress and friend, Ruby pulled Emma’s hair away from her face and carefully lifted a veil over her head, which trailed the ground below. 

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“Some Sort of Neighborly” (11/11) | Once Upon a Time

Title: Some Sort of Neighborly - (11/11)
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Words: 4,374/45,653
Completed: 02/27/2017
Summary: Modern!AU Captain Swan. They’re not neighbors, not exactly, and they’re not friends either. It’s pretty hard to find reasons to bump into the woman who lives next door to your best friend, especially after your only interaction with her has been waking up on her couch one Saturday morning. Sequel to Rude Awakening.

And now, two-and-a-half years after the first chapter was posted: Some Sort of Neighborly is finally finished! I’m still in a little disbelief, to be honest. Writing this story has been such a valuable lesson on persistence, and although I do wish this had happened a long time ago (since it definitely reads like I’d written it back then, too, thanks to my original outline O O P), I’m still very proud of being able to push through to the end :)

Whether you’ve been here from the start (in which case, I’M STILL VERY SORRY), or you’re picking up this fic for the first time just now, or you’re anywhere in between: thank you so much for reading! Extra love to @katie-dub, @kmomof4, and @shady-swan-jones – all of your lovely messages about this story never fail to make me smile <33

Hope you enjoy!

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Some Sort of Neighborly

Chapter 11

He wakes to the scent of clean linen and crisp air on his nose, which he buries into his pillow with a groan.

For a long moment, it’s all he can do to simply lie there, feeling the sheets tangled around his legs and the warm autumn sun, flickering gently through the curtains, on the bare skin of his back. Lazy mornings are both a welcome indulgence and a dangerous habit for someone with his sleep schedule, but the languid contentment that’s burrowed its way into his bones refuses to let up – or, for that matter, let him think about much else – even as he stretches and feels every muscle in his body hum with a pleasant ache.

Especially for his muddled mind, then, it’s difficult to pinpoint if he’s only awoken because he missed his alarm and slept halfway through the day – until a muffled, distressed voice smashes his peaceful bliss into bits.

“It’s just, sometimes – he can be such an asshole, you know?”

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Just had a dream where the whole Charming crew was at the CS house to wind down after some vague chaotic nonsense in the town. Emma was on the couch with Killian, her head lolling against his shoulder because she was falling asleep. She kept trailing off in her conversation with him into complete nonsense; he was trying not to laugh at her and finally just gently pulled her head to his shoulder, kissed her forehead and mumbled, “Shh. Go to sleep, love” into her hair and rubbed her back steadily, occasionally chatting quietly with someone else, but mostly just sat there looking glad that Emma existed, and it was just the most domestic, adorable shit I ever saw while unconscious.