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Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine — Hook’s Solo (Acapella)

Hook’s musical number, with mostly isolated vocals and reduced background music

Weekly Reading List 44

Weekly Recommendations get posted every Thursday. All stories are character x reader unless otherwise stated. Graphic by the awesome @wonders-of-the-multiverse.

Mafia Princess Part 1/Part 2 by @4theluvofall  Steve Rogers
Fangs and Kisses by @captainsbabysitter-blog McKirk
Not Your Typical Frat Boy: Mardi Gras by @i-dont-do-rpfs Chris Evans

Wings AU
Safe Space by MusicalLuna Stony
Care and Comfort by MusicalLuna Stony

Soulmate AU
The Fallacy of Fate Part 4 by @imagine-assembling-the-avengers Stucky

The Angry Smol by @sfdce Stucky
Bunny and BabySitters by @janeykath318 Leonard McCoy

A/B/O Dynamics
Broken by @not-close-to-straight Polyvengers Wings AU NSFW

Modern AU
Bake Off Part 7/Part 8/Part 9/Part 10/Part 11/Part 12 by @kaunis-sielu Steve Rogers
Hold That Thought 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 by @itsanerdlife  Steve Rogers
Love Story by @supersoldierslover Steve Rogers
Three’s Company by @captain-rogers-beard Steve Rogers
Nostalgic in New York by @hellomissmabel Steve Rogers
Halloween Hijinks by @captainsbabysitter-blog McKirk
Party Time Fun Times by @captainsbabysitter-blog McKirk
Eager Lovers: Brooklyn Brewery by @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan Steve Rogers
Road Trip by @mrs-squirrel-chester Steve Rogers 
Scorch My Soul Part 7 by @thevalesofanduin McKirk
Fleeting Stars by @randomlittleimp McKirk

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But what if….

part of the reason Killian is such a silly fool in 6.11 is because he knew the kind of murderous, fearsome reputation he had created for himself during his revenge mission and how effectively he was able to spread it…

And as he travelled around trying to find a way to break his curse and save his daughter, he didn’t want her, wherever she was, to start hearing tales of a Captain Hook who was a monster to be feared.

What if he knew he needed to find a way, and to find favour with someone who could help him, but if his daughter was hearing tales of him, he wanted her to hear silly, delightful stories of an old pirate who saved princesses rather than those of an angry killer?

Panic Attack (Whumptober/Inktober Day 19)

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Set in the same universe as The Darling Affair - specifically, somewhere during chapter 19.

“Tell me what I want to know or I’ll make sure that Miss Swan pays for your silence,” Gold sneered in the cold warehouse.

Killian struggled against Malcolm and Felix, trying to get free, trying to get to Emma, trying to wipe the look of absolute terror off of her face.  There was blood dripping down the side of her face and a pallor to her skin that made him sick to his stomach.

This shouldn’t be happening.

He should have kept her safe.

Hadn’t he kept her safe?

Everything was a bit jumbled, but Killian was sure that he’d left Emma safe somewhere.  He was sure that he’d traded his life for her safety.  But here she was.

Gold must have lied, the bastard.

“Commander,” Gold interrupted the silent conversation he was trying to have with Emma, “What I would like to know is simple.  What does your brother know about me, and who are the men assigned to investigate my organization?”

Killian opened his mouth to answer, to tell Gold any damn thing he wanted to know, if only it would keep that knife away from Emma’s neck.  He’d damn the entire firm to hell and march into the flames to pick up the pieces if only Swan was safe.

There was a gag in his mouth.

Killian screamed out his frustration as the knife drew closer, as Emma’s eyes grew wider, as Gold grinned more maniacally.  He tried to work the fabric out of his mouth, tried to tell Gold everything he could, tried to get himself free.

Nothing worked.

“Last chance, dearie,” Gold taunted, a slow trickle of blood dripping down the long line of Emma’s throat.

Killian started to scream, to thrash, to beg through the muffled gag.  Take me!  Hurt me!  Leave Swan alone!  Please!

The knife dragged deeper and Emma gasped.  One last giggle from Gold and the hot spray of-

“Wake up, Killian!  Please, brother!  You’re safe, please!”

Killian launched himself off his back and nearly fell off the bed in his haste to get free of the blankets that had him tangled and caught.  Strong arms caught him and tugged him into an embrace, the restraint only making him fight harder to get free.

He had to get loose, he had to get away, he had to get to Swan.

“Killian, please, little brother.  Stop fighting me!”

Little brother, only one person in the world had the right to call him that - much as he eschewed the moniker every time it was uttered - and that person meant he was safe.

“Liam?” Killian’s voice shook uncontrollably, but his muscles sagged and his breathing slowed even before he had confirmation that it was his older brother’s hand tangled in his sweat-soaked shirt and his fingers squeezing the back of Killian’s neck gently.

When the fight went out of him, his captor… his brother, also relaxed.  “Aye, little brother.  I’m here.  You’re safe, now,” he whispered.

Killian’s hands came up to fist in Liam’s shirt.  He tugged himself closer to his brother, to the safety he represented, had always represented, even when Killian was barely tall enough to pull himself up on Liam’s bed when the night was too dark.

And then the dream… the memory?… no, it was just a dream right?… when it all filtered through.

“Where’s Emma?” he asked fearfully, trusting Liam to know what he didn’t.

Liam’s head shook slightly, and Killian’s heart clenched before he heard the answer.  Emma should be here.  If it were just a dream, if it were a nightmare that hadn’t come true, then she’d be at his side.  She’d taken to spending all of her time with him, curled in the chair next to his bed during the day, a book or a tablet to keep her company while he napped, and curled at his side during the night.  He was sure that was real.  He was sure that whatever hellish nightmare he’d been trapped in was just that.

So where was Emma?

He fumbled to let go of Liam, to twist in the sheets and look around the room, a buzzing in his ears already starting to white out his surroundings.

The bed next to him was cold.

She wasn’t there.

“Emma?” he called out, just in case she was somewhere out of sight.  His vision was still a little fuzzy from his time under Gold’s care.

She didn’t come.

His breath caught in his throat, his head whipping around wildly as he tried to make sense of his jumbled thoughts.  She’d been there, he was sure of it.  She hadn’t… he wouldn’t have left her behind.  Gold didn’t murder her.

She’d saved him.


Then where was she?

His breaths came in short gasps now, echoing in his ears around the buzzing that wouldn’t let up.  He could feel his pulse pounding in his hands, his feet, his heart beating wildly in his chest so quickly that it felt as if it would break free of his ribs any moment.

Killian fought against whoever was holding him back, trying once more to get away from the bed and the confines of the sheets.  He had to get up, he had to find her.  He had to…

He had to…


Where was Emma?  He needed Emma.

The room was spinning around him, closing in and threatening to bury him if he couldn’t get free.  He pushed at the blankets, shoved at the arms that held him, a burst of strength that sent whoever had him trapped crashing to the ground.

He got free.

Killian pushed himself off the bed, stumbling towards the door before his legs collapsed under him.  

He couldn’t breathe.

He couldn’t feel his feet to try and stand again.

He couldn’t see past the stars dancing in his vision and couldn’t hear anything over the buzzing in his ears.

There was a sharp pain in the center of his chest, where he knew his heart had been torn in two.

He needed…

He needed…

“Killian!” Liam’s voice shouted in his ear, but he couldn’t respond.

Couldn’t tell his brother what was wrong.

He needed to find Emma.

He needed Swan.

Entire body trembling, Killian curled up in a ball and tried to ride it out.  He was freezing, the sweat that beaded up on his skin and pooled at the base of his throat leaving him caught in that awful state between cold and clammy.

A hand between his shoulder blades pushed hard until his head was between his knees, his arms wrapping tightly around his shins to keep him from flying apart at the seams.

Dimly, he was aware of his brother’s voice, clipped and authoritative as it ordered someone to, “Just get here now!” before Liam softened audibly and began to whisper in his ear.

Killian latched onto the sound of his brother’s voice, trying to force himself to calm down.

He couldn’t.

He couldn’t manage anything at the moment, caught up in the spiral that was his entire world at the moment.

Darkness was encroaching on the small field of vision he still had, spots dancing and exploding over the fascinating pattern of the carpet between his feet.

He wasn’t sure how long he sat there, unable to move and unable to think of anything besides getting up and finding-

“I’m here, Jones, it’s all right now.”


Her voice washed over him like a cresting wave at the beach, taking him with it and righting his world once more.

Emma was there.

Emma had him wrapped up in her embrace, her lips ghosting over his ear as she whispered soothing nonsense and her fingers carding through his hair.

Killian slumped over, letting Emma catch him and hold him up.  Tears spilled over his cheeks unbidden, and he could do nothing to stop them.  Didn’t need to do anything to stop them.  Not when Emma had him wrapped up in her arms and his brother was gripping his knee, thumb rubbing gentle circles over the knee cap.  There was a blanket draped over his shoulders and Killian gripped it tightly around his neck with one hand, tucking his head further under Emma’s chin and breathing in the comforting scent of her.  He reached out with his free hand and snagged Liam’s, squeezing it tightly in the only thanks he could manage.

Emma was safe.  Liam was safe.  His whole family was safe and in this room with him.

He was safe.

Everything made sense again.

Dark Hook Comes to Storybrooke - Chapter 1 Sneak Peek

Collaboration by: @hollyethecurious​ and @winterbaby89​ / Beta’d by: @ilovemesomekillianjones​ / Amazing Artwork by: @xhookswenchx

Summary: Moments before the Evil Queen’s Dark Curse whisks our beloved fairytale characters to Storybrooke, Captain Hook finally gets his revenge on the Crocodile. Twenty-eight years later, Killian Jones awakes in Storybrooke expecting just another ordinary day, that is until a number of abnormal occurrences disrupts his otherwise scheduled life. The greatest of which is a new face in town. A young woman by the name of Emma. Emma. What a lovely name…

Killian offered them an empty smile as he stood and took his leave. “Pleasure as always, mates,” he called out over his shoulder exiting the diner. The thought of breakfast was long forgotten as he started his motorcycle and headed towards the docks.

Just as he rounded the corner from Main Street to the road leading to the marina, that flash of yellow caught his periphery once more. A yellow Volkswagen was parked in the city impound lot. A yellow Volkswagen that Killian was sure did not belong to anyone residing within Storybrooke. Curious.


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anonymous asked:

what would peter and killian fight over you be like? (or involve) thanksss

Killian Jones and Peter Pan fighting over you would involve…

-Their hatred for each other coming out even more than before.
-They would try to one-up each other at any chance they had.
-“I’m taking her out in the sea right before the sun sets. She’ll see I can take her on adventures, take her wherever her heart desires.”
-“You really think that’s what she wants Hook? I’m going to go swimming with her in the lagoon.”
-“How boring Pan.”
-It would annoy you that they would fight over you, but you’d also be flattered.
-They both would be in love with you, but you wouldn’t know who to be with.
-“Killian the sea is beautiful.”
-“Not as beautiful as you love.”
-Killian would make your heart soar, you cheeks blush, and your mind long for adventure.
-“You know I haven’t been swimming in a long time Peter.”
-“Well take this as a chance to try again! I’ll be here with you, right by your side.”
-Peter would make you laugh, make your eyes light up.
-You would love them both.
-Yet, you would have to choose…
-Who would you choose?

The Brothers Jones; love languages

gusenitsaa So I was thinking about love languages,  something we talked about in my marriage class but also applies to other kinds of relationships … Like the Brothers Jones.  

pirate-owl Ooooh! I’ve actually thought of that with them before. Because Liam’s is mainly acts of service, but physical touch is a close second with people he is very close to.  

Words of Affirmation is important to Killian, but not one Liam is particularly good at.

gusenitsaa They do seem to give and receive in different languages.  Liam is most certainly beyond all doubt an acts of service guy (with physical touch being the second) in the way he expresses his love for Killian

pirate-owl He doesn’t accept acts of service very often, not because it doesn’t make him feel loved, but because of another complicated set of issues. It’s not that he receives different love languages than he gives, but that he isn’t good at accepting any.

gusenitsaa Not necessarily true.  I think it’s just because Killian speaks a different language then Liam does.  The language Killian speaks back is most often is words of affirmation. Which is fine because that’s what he’s good at

pirate-owl Yes, and Liam has learned to listen to that, because it’s what Killian does.

gusenitsaa And it’s okay for people to ‘speak’ in different love languages,  it’s normal actually.

pirate-owl I think Killian needs words of affirmation more than Liam sees. Which is why Killian feels so inferior, because it’s not something Liam is good at.

gusenitsaa it just kind of gives added weight to the times that the person tries to speak back in their partner’s (or in this case sibling’s) language.  Like how Killian adds physical touch to his words of affirmation in moments of intensity.

Like Liam’s almost out of character seeming “Come hell or high water” speech, or “you’ve become a true hero” It almost feels awkward because it’s not necessarily a natural language for him

pirate-owl But it’s something he occasionally does because Killian needs it.

gusenitsaa exactly,  he knows it’s killian’s language and so in moments of intensity it’s the language he tries to use.

(Where are my jones brothers people… : @lenfaz @queen-mabs-revenge @xhookswenchx @justmilah @spartanguard @icecubelotr44 )

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In this world you can find out whether you'll have a son or daughter. would you like to know before birth or you'd rather wait?

From what Emma’s told me, we still have some time before Doctor Whale can see anything definitive on his ultra-box-thing. We haven’t decided one way or the other yet. I am leaning towards being surprised, though. But we have waited so long that a large part of me wants to know as soon as it’s possible. 


Once Upon a Time 7x03 Sneak Peek “The Garden of Forking Paths” - Tiana saves Cinderella.


Hello again!!!

Ok, you probably wonder what this is. Well, come on. It’s Hook guys. I can’t say that I like the current storyline but I wanted to give some love to this version of him. It may help me love Rogers a little bit more and forget all the problems that could come with this new character.
Also, it’s Colin and there are no words for this man! He played three bloody roles in one episode and kept us on the edge! His characters deserve this vid!

I really want to thank you for being here and spending some of your time on my channel! It’s really important to me, especially now that I’m trying to work on more fandoms. Of course ouat will forever be my true love but I don’t know how much inspiration this season will give me so… yeah. We’re about to find out!
A million thanks’ to all of you!