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Strange Coincidences

Last day of kc au week, i just wanted to write something cause it was my bday, and i didn’t have time and its late and this shit is short af and there’s nothing to it uwahhhh i hope you like it anyway. If you’re actually interested I promise I’ll write like a sequel where I actually flesh out the story a bit more i don’t know, kill me pls.


Strange Coincidences

It was strange; honestly it was beyond strange, and way too coincidental, so much so that Caroline was confused about how she apparently had been the only one to even notice it. The new vigilante had a british accent, dirty blond hair, blue eyes and had started appearing on the streets - breaking bones and kicking ass - a month ago. You know who else transferred into her wonderful college a month ago, had blond hair, blue eyes and just happened to be british? Klaus Freaking Mikaelson. Still, there was no one making the connection, how? She always thought the whole Clark Kent and Superman thing very dumb, like how could they not see that the dude just took his glasses off? In retrospective, Caroline wondered if she had wasted too much of her time making her disguise perfect, after all everyone in her town was a moron that wouldn’t notice if you were a vigilante even if every signal pointed to you.

Did he know?

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Mare: *falls in love with brother of her betrothed* *illegally gets intimate with Cal, the brother of her betrothed* *meanwhile aids rebellion group against her betrothed, his brother, and the rest of their family* *gets innocent involved, such as Lucas Samos* *unconsciously helps assassination plot against the King* *wrecks Nortan government*


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Okay but honestly now I feel like Ricks tryna test to see just how many books he can get the PJO to read/buy before we realize just how ridiculous it is, but jokes on him because I would pay the $30 for a book if Percy is even so much as mentioned at least once.