m: janie

"Happy birthday" said the fish

Marie walked to her changing spot and left her clothes hidden so she could find then later that night. Se waded into the water and dove in as her tail replaced her legs. She held her clothes in a bad over her shoulder knowing they were getting soaking wet even though the bag was water proof.

Once she crossed the water she dressed in her wet dress and shoes walking quickly to Janie’s place. She knocked on the door gathering a puddle behind her and he shivered in the wind,

Hanging With Janie

Anna walked into Noir smiling, she had plans with Janie for the evening, and was looking forward to hanging out with one of her good friends. She walked up to the bar smiling and greeted her friend. “Hey Janie.”

Wedding bells

Marie called Janie but it went to voice mail after she didn’t answer “how’s my favorite werewolf… Wait don’t answer that. Anyway!!! I need to start doing wedding stuff so if you wanted to go shopping for some of the less kosher items… You know just browsing and have luuuuuuunch… Call me pleeeeeeeaaeeee”

Coffee Or Tea

Marie’s cafe was everything to her. Hours upon hours she spent cleaning and serving anyone who walked in. It Neighbored a book store that was run by her best friend Anna and together they had the perfect friendship and partnership. The tables were made of beach wood that she found her self and stained a dark brown that matched the chairs and the floor. Nets were draped along the the corners matching the ocean theme of the rest of the board walk. Out of the windows you could see a perfect view of the harbor with fishing boats coming and going, and people riding their boats on the cloudy day.

She wiped the chalk board on the front of the store and replaced it with todays specials, Grilled Cheese Sand which with Tomato Soup. 

Little One

What can you do what can you say
when little hearts grow up too fast
and little eyes have seen too much
knowing more than their share of pain
What can you do what can you say

When you’re feeling a little better
press your face against the glass
feel the warmth of the healing sun
breathe deeply and smile softly
and know we love you little one  <3

i think i have some really amazing friends

when i said i had a shitty birthday, my best friends who live about 1.5 hours away came over to my house at night to say happy birthday and have a drink with me and talk

they made me homemade pizza

i knew i had great friends but they are amazingly awesome

cant remember a time when i was that happy

Astrophysical Bumblebee

I have a wonderful friend
who darts about in the sky
her little wings kiss the breeze
she must be a butterfly

Oh Mike you got it wrong
silly foolish rhyming me
she’s certainly not one of them
my friend is a bumblebee

They tried to put her in a jar
oh it was a terrible place
but she’s just about to escape
headed out to outer space

Ah but they can’t hold her back
she’ll be leaving really soon
the first bio-molecular geneticist
astrophysicist on the moon