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sarah1281 ha risposto al tuo post “I have noticed the pads vs tampons discourse and I offered one woman…”

Oh my God, that’s happened to me so often! People are always like “I’m so desperate, do you have a tampon?” and I guess they’d rather just go without than have a pad. So weird. Like maybe it’s not ideal for them but if it’s all they have…

ikr? and pads are generally easier to bring around and cost less? *shrug* idgi but to each their own, I’m just really perplexed the stigma exists in the first place because there’s really nothing bad to pads ff


Janie is a spitting image of her mother, not with the brush of freckles across the tops of her cheeks and nose. I do see Rose in her longer face and her frame, but she’s without a doubt a mix of both parents.

Moffy has the same jawline as Lo. Same sharpness. Almost identical features except his green eyes and his dark brown hair. But he’s not Lo.

Truth is, Sulli looks like both of us. Skin tanned from being out in the sun, constantly. Dark hair like mine. Harder jaw. But lips like her mom’s. A delicate nose. Green, soulful eyes.


A thing that works! GTW + GT to make business employees show up at their own shops!!!

I wanted Janie and all of her “employees” to keep their culinary career jobs, so I didn’t want to make them retail employees (because retail employees are useless bums anyway, lol!). But I really wanted to see them “working” at her catering market while I was there with other families. So I made them a club! Their duties are cooking, baking, cleaning, fixing stuff, and socializing. And they’re not allowed to eat, so they don’t eat all of the food they make.

If you look at Janie’s club icon, you can see that she’s playable in the first picture, but not the second because I was controlling another family. But even though I was with another family, all of them showed up on the lot and went to the kitchen to cook! (I had to force them into their cook outfits because they showed up in everyday clothes. But when I get enough points, I can set up a club outfit for them to wear as a uniform.)

Bonus tip: even though Janie and her cooks weren’t selectable, I was able to drag all of the food they made into her inventory so I could keep it and set it for sale when I went back to her. (The food they were making did appear to be deducted from her funds, so I might as well try to sell it and make some money back from it.)

I love how these two packs work together in such cool ways!

Another odd feature of the parallel universe is that although it is invisible from this side, once you are in it you can easily see the world you came from. Sometimes the world you came from looks huge and menacing, quivering like a vast pile of jelly; at other times it is miniaturized and alluring, a-spin and shining in its orbit. Either way, it can’t be discounted.
Every window on Alcatraz has a view of San Francisco.
—  Susanna Kaysen, Girl, Interrupted
Hanging With Janie

Anna walked into Noir smiling, she had plans with Janie for the evening, and was looking forward to hanging out with one of her good friends. She walked up to the bar smiling and greeted her friend. “Hey Janie.”

Coffee Or Tea

Marie’s cafe was everything to her. Hours upon hours she spent cleaning and serving anyone who walked in. It Neighbored a book store that was run by her best friend Anna and together they had the perfect friendship and partnership. The tables were made of beach wood that she found her self and stained a dark brown that matched the chairs and the floor. Nets were draped along the the corners matching the ocean theme of the rest of the board walk. Out of the windows you could see a perfect view of the harbor with fishing boats coming and going, and people riding their boats on the cloudy day.

She wiped the chalk board on the front of the store and replaced it with todays specials, Grilled Cheese Sand which with Tomato Soup. 

Wedding bells

Marie called Janie but it went to voice mail after she didn’t answer “how’s my favorite werewolf… Wait don’t answer that. Anyway!!! I need to start doing wedding stuff so if you wanted to go shopping for some of the less kosher items… You know just browsing and have luuuuuuunch… Call me pleeeeeeeaaeeee”