m: incredibles

literally just throw claire temple in every single piece of superhero media moving forward

give her a scene in avengers 3 taking tony stark down a notch or two

show her sassing rocket raccoon in guardians of the galaxy 2

stick her in shield for a hot second and let her and may and mack bond over the ridiculous messes they always clean up

let cisco vibe over to her earth and have her immediately throw him back into the wormhole

have her walking down the street while the justice league assembles and immediately turn around and nope the fuck out

get her at a table in a hole in the wall mexican restaurant next to deadpool in full costume asking her if she’s ever had the chimichangas

throw her in the incredibles 2 as edna mode’s goddaughter

make her the new stan lee of cameos

You know what should happen in Incredibles 2?

A familiar scene opens up before us with Frozone in his living room, clicking the button on the remote to bring out his super suit. As expected, it’s not there, and just as expected, he begins his legendary spiel.

“HoneEEEEY, WHERE’S M-” he’s cut off as his super suit is flung at his face from off screen.

There’s a cut and now you’re viewing a colorful feminine figure appearing in the hallway.

“I ain’t gonna let you go out without me this time.” Frozone’s wife says, in full superheroine garb, snapping her fingers to produce a few small electric sparks around her hands.