m: how to train your dragon

So Hiccup is often depicted as weak in fics and art.

And I’m not talking about 15 year old Hiccup from Httyd, but 18 to 20 year old Hiccup.

Have we completely forgotten that he can K.O someone and knock out three teeth with one punch in ‘The Zippleback Experience’? That he literally tackled a Night Fury off of a cliff in ‘A Grim Retreat’? Carried Astrid no problem in ‘The Buffalord Soldier’? And speared his Dragonblade into the ground with precision in HTTYD 2?

Dude is still lanky, but he’s strong as Hel! Noodlecup is secretly Buffcup!

Flying at high speeds, pulling risky stunts in mid-air, and play wrestling with a Night Fury did wonders to that boy’s strength! Not to mention the blacksmithing he’s already been doing for years!

elements1999  asked:

I promised your mom to make sure you didn't do anything stupid tonight - HiJack

(*frowns* Sure. Take the two motherless boys and make the mom-request. fuckValkaFUCKHER. Oh well. Headcanons are bliss)

Hiccup was trying very hard to concentrate on his work. He was failing.

But it was absolutely not his fault. Because his boyfriend was in the lab and his boyfriend preferred to wear skin-tight leather-pants. So wildly distracting. Those lean legs, that perky, round ass…

“Hi–ics. Concentrate on us, not on your boyfriend”, groaned Hiccup’s little brother.

Hiccup blushed and turned to look sheepishly at Hiro. While Hiro looked completely frustrated, Tadashi next to him looked amused. Hiccup offered them both an apologetic look. He loved his step-brothers a lot and he loved tinkering with them, coming up with new genius ideas and building robots.

“Why is your boyfriend here anyway?”, asked Tadashi curiously.

That, Hiccup wondered too but didn’t question. Jack was the adopted son of their new favorite teacher at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology Nick St. North, who had come to replace Professor Callaghan. Hiccup had first seen Jack when Jack had come to class to bring Nick his forgotten lunch and the moment Hiccup laid eyes on him, he was a goner.

“I promised your mom to make you didn’t do anything stupid tonight”, chimed Jack with a broad grin, resting his chin on Hiccup’s shoulder so he could kiss his boyfriend’s cheek. “No saving the city as superheroes, no exploding anything with a ridiculous new experiment. Just… being home in time for Cass’ home-cooked dinner.”

All three Haddock-Hamada boys looked put out by this. Exploding things and saving the city were the fun parts. Jack rolled his eyes and kissed Hiccup properly.