m: how to train your dragon

This might be an unpopular opinion, I’m not sure, but I kinda wish they would keep the voice actors from the series in the new movie. (How to train your dragon 3) (Everyone except Stoick and Gobber’s that is) I love Snotlout’s voice in the series so much! He has really captured Snotlout as a character and I wonder if it will sound (or be) the same when the original comes back again. Also, even though I love Kristen Wiig; I actually prefer the voice actress form the series.

It’s just a little wish I have, or am I wrong in this?   

Not the kind of thing I normally post, but I threw this together quick because I keep seeing screenshots of this bit but with the Netflix closed captions and the Netflix closed captions don’t always match what’s actually being said.

Viggo Grimborn getting his mind game on.  Poor Hiccup, but I love his facial expression here. bby as smart as you think you are your little tirade after the fact only told Viggo what he wanted to know (that he’s right about you being in love with Astrid and that this is something he can use against you in the future).

But dear lord if I don’t eat these kinds of villain/hero interactions right up.  Bravo, Dreamworks, bravo.

Expect more RTTE stuff, I already have some in the works.

That and an unfinished Lunafreya pic.

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