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You know what I think I'd be cool? Hadder and Jyn break up eventually, but remaining on good terms. So, the next time they run into each other it's years later and Jyn introduces him to Cassian in jest, "Cass, meet the guy who broke my heart when I was 16." Just an idea I want to share.

Friend, this is a WONDERFUL idea to share and I love it. Like this was definitely along what I was imagining with that fic idea.

Like, IF Hadder had lived, I 100% believe he and Jyn would’ve eventually gone their separate ways if not just because he never made it to Five Points with her. 

Once off of Skhul I think Hadder would find it hard to resist joining some sort of rebellion, especially as someone that expressed wanting to explore the galaxy and would likely be hampered by Imperial presences he found along the way. To the point that if he were still with Jyn, they’d likely diverge paths because of his want to fight and her need to stay under the radar.

Meanwhile, Jyn–even if she didn’t have to lose the Pontas in death–would eventually turn into the person decidedly NOT choosing sides that we meet in Rogue One. So she could keep the happy memory of Hadder after they split while still going through the things that eventually get her into Wobani.

So I too love the idea of Jyn and Hadder meeting up again and not only going “Hey, I’m glad you’re not dead, it’s been so long!” but with the added bonus of being comfortable enough to joke about their past relationship. Just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good part of their lives.

I imagine at first Cassian would be like “O…kay?” if she introduced Hadder as “the guy who broke my heart at 16″. Like he’d probably mark it down mentally to ask Jyn about it more later, but if there was no heat behind her remark he would probably just greet Hadder like he would anyone else. I also think he’d be slightly stuck on imagining Jyn at 16, with all that fire and training, but also thinking about her getting to be even a little happy with a regular boy like any other teenager and being glad (because he probably didn’t get that at 16).

This is probably more than you wanted in response but???? I enjoyed thinking about this and other stuff from the book a lot, so.

Jyn Erso and Kanan Jarrus would be great pals

Obviously, their backgrounds have sharp contrasts. They both were raised in organizations in the side of good. They had surrogate father figures in the wake of their parent’s absence (in Caleb’s case, a Master). And they suffer disillusionment with the organizations they once served, though Jyn was a more extreme case where she rationalized working with the Empire sometimes for payment.

It also turns out, not unlike Kanan, Jyn was in love with a pilot who dreamed of flying away from his homeworld. Though in this case, she was the one who inspired the pilot to aspire to the Rebel cause, rather than how Hera inspired Kanan. However, in Jyn’s story, her pilot did not survive. 

And like Kanan, Jyn had a great disillusionment with her belief in the Force.


C a n n o n s !

I just finished Rebel Rising (SPOILERS AHEAD), and here are some vague fic ideas I had as I went along (some are more plot specific than others, most operate on Everybody Lives/Nobody Dies AU, and almost all of them include rebelcaptain shipping opportunities):

  • Hadder Ponta somehow survives, but never makes it to Five Points. Possibly fueled by the death of his mother, Hadder finally joins the Rebellion as he’d discussed doing with Jyn. He and Jyn realize the other isn’t dead a while after the events of Rogue One. (Best done in my mind with the idea that he was her first romantic relationship and contrasting it to what she currently has with Cassian.)
  • Akshaya Ponta somehow lives but never makes it to Five Points. She’s happy that Jyn’s found a home with the Rebellion/Cassian where she didn’t get to have that with the Pontas before. Bonus points if she good-naturedly Shares The Dirt about Jyn as a teenager and Cassian is delighted.
  • While on Skuhl, rather than Xosad, the man she knew from Saw’s cadre, Cassian attempts to recruit Jyn to the Rebellion. Particularly because he sees her ire at the Empire covering up what happened on Tamsye Prime. (This works both as a general AU where he’s successful and she joins the rebellion early or just as little plot tweaking snippet where they meet before their first scene in Rogue One, but she declines his multiple attempts to sway her despite almost growing to like him.)
  • Blue and some of the crew from the XOI somehow get out of Imperial prison. They have a hard time reconciling Jyn of Rogue One with Jyn who stabbed us in the back and got us all arrested. Frankly, Jyn has a bit of a hard time working through it herself.
  • Jyn and Cassian are arrested by Commander Solange, the same Imperial Officer that Jyn has already been screwed over by twice.
  • Cassian works undercover for or is actually fake-ranked above Commander Solange. (It’s why Jyn’s not also part of the mission, whatever it is.) He takes a little bit of revenge for her, somehow.
  • Jyn gets captured and then tortured for freeing Pso’s slaves, but this time she realizes she has something to live for and a team that helps break her out.
  • The slaves Jyn saved somehow find and thank her for what she did for them.
J’m’excuse || (SoTou)


An hour and a half- Sophie had roughly an hour and a half between transformations. 

It was no 14 hours, but at this point it seemed to be all that she deserved. After the masquerade and everything that had happened with Tink, an hour and half actually seemed like someone had taken mercy on her. (some pitying god) (or perhaps one that was simply saving the worst for later)

Regardless, after nearly a week of locking herself in, the time had come to go and try to make things right again. Whatever this was, it had started moments after Sophie had walked away from Lou- spurred on by her own underlying guilt in leaving so unceremoniously. (in ditching him to be with Tink) (what was so wrong in wanting someone?) (she wasn’t allowed the things she wanted) (she didn’t deserve them)

All this to say, the moment her hour and a half started, she locked the shop behind her and set off towards the playhouse where, if all went well, she hoped to find Lou. 

Despite this being a town-sanctioned event, no one was there to stop her when she wandered into the backstage and it only took a couple moments for her to spot the man. She walked over, hiding the box behind her back with one hand and knocking on one of the set pieces to get his attention with the other. 

Pardonnez-moi, do you um- have a moment?”

The End is Nigh

Well, at least the end of the first chapter in Hadder’s “shit, there’s water in my bedroom!” saga. We have reached the point where painting the walls will begin (tomorrow) so it’s likely my schedule will smooth out a little.

There’s several threads I’ve neglected because of all this, and I’m not sure which ones I’ll have enough spoons to pick back up. If we have a thread or plot together which I haven’t posted for in a week or three - and it’s important to you that I’m timely about responding - please send me a message! I’m all verklempt and anxiety’s shot my memory to hell. I will try my best, but I may have to let a couple threads go dormant while I get my shit together.


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