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There’s something below the surface in this story about a good brother, following simple instructions, and a strange, wise little fox that carries people on its tail, but I was distracted by the sheer amount of gold objects in this one story. Golden Bird! Golden Horse! Golden Apples! Golden Castle! And the King must own them all! With the sheer amount of gold things that pop up in fairy tale land, you’d think it would hold no intrinsic value because it is apparently not rare whatsoever. I mean, when you’ve got Golden Apples growing readily on a tree, its wholly and completely worthless to base a monetary system off the stuff. Economics 101.


Never incur the wrath of a sparrow. If you kill its dog friend, it will strike forth in furious vengeance: “Not unfortunate enough yet…it shall cost you your life!” This bird emptied out all the offending man’s wine, prompted him to cut off his own horses’ heads by accident, tore apart the interior of his house, tricked the man into chopping up all his good furniture, let himself finally be swallowed by the man, only to trick the wife into beheading her own husband as the sparrow escaped without a scratch! This bird is Inigo Montoya. You killed its dog. Prepare to die.


I guess there’s something relatable about a story of a stupid spouse and how they bring the other spouse to ruin. But the stupid spouse in question kept doing as she was asked literally and after she got it wrong, stated: “ Indeed…I did not know that, you should have told me.” Honestly? I couldn’t agree with her more. If you tell her to make the house secure, surely you meant making the door secure. And what better way of making the door secure than by taking it off the hinges and with you so you know it won’t be stolen? That’s good ole logic. You must be more specific, dear.


Out of all the fairy tales Walt Disney could have chosen to make films for, I can’t believe he skipped this one. It’s got some length to it, and it is a pretty compelling tale. Long lost brothers; the two befriend beasts of the wild; dragon fighting to win the hand of the princess; betrayal; odyssey; and the return to claim what is rightfully theirs. You can’t tell me that’s not more interesting that Snow White and the Nameless Dwarves.

Plus, there’s a really weird scene where this guy’s head gets chopped off because his animal companions don’t guard him; but no fear! There’s a magic root that will cure him and magically put his head back on! Except…wait for it…the animals put his head on backwards! As this simply won’t do, the animals have to kill him again by tearing his head off, give him the magic root again, and place it back on correctly. COMEDY. GOLD.

The Fandoms (2-15-17)
  • <p> <b>Outlander fandom:</b> "I can't believe season 3 isn't until September-"<p/><b>Stranger Things fandom:</b> "I can't believe we have to wait until Halloween for next season-"<p/><b>Orphan Black fandom:</b> "I can't believe the final season premieres in June-"<p/><b>Pretty Little Liars fandom:</b> "I can't believe the final season ends in June-"<p/><b>Grimm fandom:</b> "I can't believe we end in a month-"<p/><b>Game of Thrones fandom:</b> "I can't believe season 7 is later in the year and shorter-"<p/><b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "I can't believe the 12th Doctor is leaving!"<p/><b>Sherlock fandom:</b> "I can't believe Johnlock didn't happen-"<p/><b>Star Wars fandom:</b> "I can't believe the trailer for "The Last Jedi" didnt drop yet!"<p/><b>Harry Potter fandom:</b> (coughs) "We cool"<p/></p>

Bird feet to my Nevermore costume. They were a bitch to make!! I used @rah-bop‘s bird feet tutorial for them! I’ll be uploading another video that shows off the wings/plumage/mask in a bit!

The nails kept getting caught on the carpet, but the best thing about them is I can scrape the nails on a clear floor and make that horrible chalkboard grinding sound.


RWBY Chibi’ Subtitles are pure gold
2/2 (Do you remember that I said before there would be 3 parts of this? Well, I lied)
RWBY Chibi Season 2, episode 2.

“Nothing even happened in Volume 4″

-Right from the start, we get a glimpse of how Grimm are created

-Introduction to three new bad guys, and one farm boy that Tumblr instantly gushes over.

-Ruby gets a new outfit in order to honor her fallen friends

-Jaune gets his weapon redesigned to honor his fallen partner

-Funny RNJR vs JNRR debate (started by the FNDM) included into the show

-Weiss stands up to her abusive father in public

-Weiss’ epic song and Weiss’ epic singing

-We learn why Blake ran from Vale, and she is justified

-Yang recovers from PTSD and depression

-Yang takes a bold step in accepting the use of a prothestetic arm

-Three new Grimm (four when including the character short) are revealed

-Three new faunus types

-New weapons

-”It’s also a gun” trope reoccurence

-”Looks human, is actually a Faunus” trope reoccurence

-We learn that Blake is essentially royalty

-Second Secondary Schnee Sibling™

-Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie backstory

-Raven Branwen’s first appearance since Volume 2

-Branwen Backstory™

-Qrow “Birdman” Branwen

-Epic Qrow vs Tyrian fight

-Bad Luck Charm

-Qrow’s semblance is revealed and explained

-Remnant religion revealed

-Old STRQ shenanigans

-Sun and Blake team up in combat

-Klein the Butler as The Seven Dwarfs

-Posthumous Pyrrha™


-Jaune comforting Ruby about her doubts to mirror Volume 1

-Sun comforting Blake

-Renora getting 99% confirmed

-Pumpkin Pete hoodie (which you can buy in the Rooster Teeth store!)

-Crocea Mors weapon upgrade

-Armed and Ready (full song)

-”We’re getting the gang back together!” hype

-Weiss being able to summon the Giant Armor

-No beloved character death

-”You BITCH!”

-Ozpin manipulating Oscar’s body 

-Qrow’s repeated nodding and smile at Oscar/Ozpin

-”For my mother.”

-”For my father.”

-”For all those that you’ve slain.”

-”For myself.”

I know a lot of this wasn’t plot crucial, but a lot of cool things still happened in Volume 4. 

Feel free to add more if you want.