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Are laying in bed together and luke is talking about having one kid or two or none and proceeds to tell her how he bought this house and then like a minute later, lorelai says "kids would be nice" they both knew each other wanted a kid, or kids.

(first ask sent) I dont know if you’ve already talked about this, but the whole surrogate thing was so unthought about. The conversation of “well we never really talked about it” but in the episode(s) where luke purchases the twickam house and lorelai proposes, they…

Yes, I believe this is my biggest issue with the revival. You’re absolutely right. Canonly, they both agreed at that point they wanted children – they wanted children together. I think it is so shitty on ASP’s part that she allowed Luke and Lorelai to get in this rhythm, I guess, that nine years of their lives just suddenly passed them by. One day then, they both woke up & were like “uh, didn’t we want kids? oops.” That is such poor decision making in the writing process. You can’t chalk it up as mistakenly missed because it was in the lets-forget-about-season-seven years ( like they did with Logan’s character growth ) because it happened when ASP was still on the original series. IT. WAS. CANON. What, because they were too happy to think about kids?

When you’re so happy together, that’s when you think about kids. They seriously didn’t bring it up at all during the last nine years? If ASP thought the fans would be upset to see Java Junkie with kids whose pregnancies/childhoods we didn’t get to see, she would be so wrong. I would have been THRILLED to see their children for the first time in the revival. 

My other issue with the surrogate part was how much they made Luke look like an idiot just so they could get their joke in? We know Lorelai is smarter than Luke, and we know her parents have believed all these years that Luke isn’t good enough for her – but we also know Luke is NOT an idiot. This plot, though, made him look like a complete idiot, and that’s not okay just to make the audience laugh. Luke isn’t an idiot, and he shouldn’t have been made to look like one during the surrogate meetings with Paris ( and the latter scenes )