m: ga

I'm sorry - but I do not feel sorry

Ga has always been good at “hiding” herself and those who she vacation with, when she has been on vacations and she did not let her fandom, Paparazzi e.g find her. It has been very successful so far. This are the first pictures I’ve seen where she’s been discovered somewhere - and no, I do not feel sorry for GA since she was discovered. She chose to go to Portofino which is known to be the well-known and royal playground, the place where we get the most Paparazzi pictures from in the world, she chose to stroll down that street, chose to eat public places and note here it is in Front row where you can easily be seen! She chose to be on a yatch around the archipelago where we have seen many Paparazzi take pictures of famous and finally she chose a luxury hotel where there have been several Paparazzi pictures of other famous people. 
She chose it so much that more pictures look set and some could doubt if they could be staged. She chose further that the pictures from Friday was published tonight? -So she may have had them offered. Finally, she choose so much that up till now there are maybe about 200 pictures online?

She has made a choice!!!!

She has made some choices that all have been against what she has previously said and done, and she has made the decision to go to Portofino, be seen and touched in her pussy public. It has nothing to do with DD or PM but only about her choices that are so much away from the character she has otherwise produced. 

This has to do with decisions and things GA chooses that directly contradicts what she has previously said and done. 

She has had a strong voice in relation to feminism, as being a boss in a relationship, about not dating married men and so on. It’s all things that the choices she has taken now openly are not that important anymore. I do not feel sorry

If she would have had a holiday in peace then she should not go to, Portofino she should not have been strolling in the streets, she should not be at the pool, she should not sail around the archipelago, she should not eat at first Row. She could go to many other places in the world but by choosing Portofino she chose to be seen.


Boruto 12: Okay, gotta admit, that’s actually one thing I do admire about this kid. When it comes to making friends, being helpful to them, and never leaving anyone behind, he’s already got a good foundation. [And the fact that he actually has book smarts is a huge plus askjasd I feel mean making that comparison, but… it’s true. I’m sorry Naruto.]

On other news: I find it cute that Moegi calls Konohamaru “Konohamaru-chan” to his face ahahhaha guess we know who’s topping in that relationship

Me: *Hears a loud noise, home completely alone*

Also Me: There are things in this world that we will never fully understand [understand]. We want answers.  We have worked years to build our credibility, our reputation.  Working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing ground-breaking proof of the paranormal. This is our evidence, our Ghost Adventures.