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By the Sea

Merry Christmas in July to @bulda! I’m your Secret Santa! I know you like mer stuff so I wrote this for you :-) I hope you have a wonderful day and that you enjoy this! 

Rating: K (it’s a nice piece of fluff lol)

Word Count: 2472

“Just the way I like it…” Anna thought to herself as she went out onto the beach. The best part of traveling with her sister on business trips like this was the wonderful places she always got to go… and so far, this one was by far her favorite. A nice, sunny beach with soft sand that actually felt really nice when you walked on it… Anna had even decided to take her flip flops off the sand looked so nice. Elsa was, of course, busy with business stuff right about now. She’d told Anna she would meet up with her later, which, who knew how much later that would be when it came to business stuff. Those people she met with were always huge talkers… Anna knew she’d never be able to sit through all that boring talk, which was why she was glad Elsa actually knew how it all worked.

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