m: fili

Hold Him Close

Summary: You try to leave but Kili stops you

Pairing: Kili x Reader

Word Count: 811

Part One: Let Him Go

Part Two: Make Him Happy

Master List

Original Request by Anon: The reader is an elf who joined the company at Rivendell and she and Kíli have mutual feelings for each other. When they arrive in Mirkwood, Kíli becomes smitten with Tauriel and the reader begins to doubt His feelings for her. After they escape she gets stabbed in the leg with a morgul blade. When Kíli tries to help her she pushes him away. After they are healed in Laketown she tries to depart and Kíli stops her, but she hasn’t quite forgiven him yet…

Tauriel helps you off of the table and Sigrid joins her. They place you on the bench and you lean against the table, closing your eyes. You felt utterly exhausted.

“Thank you for saving her. She is my light and I am sorry for misleading you if I have,” you hear but in your addled state you do not know who is speaking.
“It has been my pleasure and I do not take offense for I had known that you had loved her and her you after I rescued you from the spiders. She however doesn’t know that.”

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