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christinaachanell: Um, okay so before I realized it was him, I was in the restroom and someone was trying to open it. Then when I opened it, there was this tall guy with long hair and hipster style (I didn’t look at his face) and he said “Sorry” and I walked away and said “It’s okay.” Then I go back out to the patio and my boyfriend is saying that it’s Harry Styles and I thought about it and I was like wait maybe it is ‘cause the guy had an accent. So I’m like freaking out 'cause he was with his family, so I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt, but he kept looking my way 'cause I’m pretty sure he knew. So when we were about to leave, I finally asked for a picture and he was totally nice about it and said sure. I wish I asked for a hug 'cause @vvishall got a handshake 😡 Then we walked back to my car to freak out and a few minutes later, he left the restaurant and walked to his car which was two cars in front of mine. He saw us and waved and gave a peace sign to us. I felt bad 'cause I hope we didn’t attract attention to him and decided to leave 'cause he just got there. But I was just so excited 'cause I’ve never ate at the same place as someone. But he’s really tall and looks really different in person. Like not as baby cute, but very mature looking. AHU. #ilooklikecrap #endrant