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So I’m thinking Ezra is there to save Kallus. Since the whole gist of this episode is the rebels planning a way to save the imperial spy (aka Kallus), then one of them is going to have to go in there and get him. Can’t be Zeb—sadly—can’t be Hera, can’t be Kanan either. Puberty hit Ezra like a train, so he at least looks different, and has a smaller chance of getting recognized by the others. He’ll just be another rebel, and they can use that to their advantage.

So I think that’s what this all is. I could be wrong, and I won’t be watching the episode anyway either, so who knows. Just a speculation.

Original Percival Graves x Credence Barebone aesthetic

Incoming long post about Ezra Miller

If you don’t like Ezra Miller I’m sorry but have you seen him

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 why would you not like him

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 he’s precious

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but also very attractive

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and he’s so open about social problems and wants to raise awareness

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and don’t even get me started

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on his range

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as an actor

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he was the saving feature of We Need To Talk About Kevin for me

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and basically

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i love my queer son Ezra Miller ok

How I want the meeting between Sabine's two families to go
  • Sabine introducing her Family to the Ghost Crew
  • Sabine: Mum, this is Hera, Dad this is Kanan, Bro this is Zeb, *shudders* Fluffy this is Chopper.
  • Sabine's Brother: Okay, so the blind Jedi is another Dad, the Twi'lek is another Mum, the droid is another pet and the Lasat is another brother.
  • Sabine: That's right.
  • Sabine's Brother: Then what's he? *Points at Ezra*
  • Ezra: I'm the random Homeless guy who they picked up off the streets.
IMAGINE in the LAST JEDI, Luke preaching to Rey that he’s the last Jedi...

Luke Skywalker: (Sniffs) As you see, I am the last of my kind, the last Jedi, totally, totally lonely.

Rey: I’m so sorry.

Luke Skywalker: And so, I live with no other Jedi for compa-


Old Ahsoka: (Carrying bags of groceries) Hey kiddo!

Luke: Auntie Soka! I’m busy here talking about my woes to this potential Jedi here.

Old Ahsoka: Oh, sweetie, it can be lovely being a Jedi, but she could be like me and have no title and just serve the light side.


Ezra Bridger: Y’ello. Luke, buddy, you didn’t forget our scheduled nacho night did ya?

Luke: Ezra! I’m in the middle of an angsty storytelling here!


Kanan Jarrus: (Tapping a cane around with a bag of chips) Skywalker, I brought the nachos!

Quinlan Vos: Duuuuude, I brought the guacamole!

Rey: These people got lightsabers, Luke, you’re not the last Jedi!

Luke: Well, some of them are ex-Jedi, but they’re not Jedi. But they’re kinda wanted by the First Order, so I let them couch crash on this island.

Ghost Obi-Wan: Hello! Jedi Kenobi here, I’m here for the nachos!

Rey: Skywalker, then who’s that Jedi?

Luke: Ok, he’s alive and Jedi, though he’s kind of immortal in a ghostly sense, but he’s not alive-alive.

Hera Syndulla: Hey everyone! I got the blue cheese!

Rey: Is she Force-sensitive?

Hera: Oh, me? I don’t need the Force to be the best pilot in the galaxy. 

Luke: Yeah, she’s not Jedi or Force-sensitive, she just happens to be an ace pilot married to Kanan here, so she’s been around.

Rey: Ok, are there any more not-Jedi or not-alive Jedi here?

Bendu: (Crashing through the roof.) You summoned me?