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Dragon Age Knight Errant #5 for Dark Horse

Ayyy, who remembers Sebastian from DA2? Yellow Dafodil’s are actually a metaphor for Chivalry. The kiss however also comes with thorns~

Another bittersweet conclusion! This is the last cover for Knight Errant’s five issue series. All five issues are out now so check it out if you haven’t already. Thanks as always to AD Dave Marshall!

I always enjoy making these, I’ll cross my fingers for more DA art. Hopefully this isn’t the end! 

remember that one time in Legacy where Varric’s ‘friend’ tries to kill Hawke and Hawke asks him if he wants to spare him and Varric replies “not if he’s after you Hawke”

or that one time when Batrand came back and Varric tells Hawke they should sit down for the news because it’ll probably upset them

or when Varric was “so sorry about what happened in the Fade” or how he wanted to kill Batrand for fucking with him and Hawke and (potentially) getting Hawke’s sibling killed/conscripted

or that other time when Cassandra was totally going to murder him and Varric still told her he didn’t know where Hawke was, but he did, and when they turn up in Inquisition and Cassandra’s about to kill him for lying where she’s like “you knew where Hawke was all along!” and Varric answered “you’re damned right I did!” and “I was protecting my friend!” and then at the end of that argument Varric says “you know what I think? If Hawke had been at the Temple, they’d be dead too. You people have done enough to them.”

such a fucking brotp

| SORIS ; SHIANNI ; NELAROS | DAO | NPC Sketch Portraits: City Elf Origin |

Did some warmups ages ago with some of my origin faves. I thought it might be nice to do this once in awhile… Especially given how all DAO npcs look like badly animated sacks of flour.