m: downton abbey

someone: what are you thinking about?

me, internally: the entirety of downton abbey is essentially thomas’s redemption arc. at the start of series 1 he is presented as a villain, but his character development is phenomenal. his friendship with jimmy and his unrequited love make him more relatable to the audience, and when he saves jimmy we feel more of a connection to his character. although he then attempts to blackmail baxter, he also saves edith from the fire and tries to protect jimmy from being caught and then fired. his emotional connection to the children makes him seem even more human and relatable, and by the end of series 6 we ultimately want him to be happy and that makes me so emotional

me: nothing :)


The #FIDMMuseum in L.A. had a great exhibit featuring designs from period & contemporary TV shows on last summer. They displayed costumes from some of the greatest shows during ~peak tv~ and gave insight into the costume designers vision. Being so close to outfits faves have worn is seriously mind blowing - check out the FIDM’s website for current exhibits or jut stop by the gift shop for dope AF souvenirs!