m: david tennant

Doctor Who series 3; Fix’d it AU

Rose had to admit.. it was hard when she lost her mum to the other universe, and she knew she would miss her. But there was something that kept her emotionally stable.. and that was the Doctor. They’d ended up on the moon and met a woman named Martha. Rose liked Martha. And it was nice to have another girl on board. Rose, the Doctor, and Martha had quite a few adventures during this time. Meeting William Shakespear, a man who tried to make himself younger, the Doctor becoming human and believing him and Rose to be married, weeping angels and the return of another Timelord.. the Master..

Breaking News!!!

For anyone who is a fan of my edits… the series known as the fixed series Of Edits, with Rose not being lost to the parallel universe is currently in the works. Looking back I realized I wanted to make it look much more realistic. From now on I’m trying to use only pictures of Billie from the year that; that specific series of Doctor Who aired. Expect to see some theater pics from Treats and the Effect aswell as favorites like secret diary of a call girl and even an interview or two. Hope you all enjoy these. I’m working very hard. Expect to see series 3 fixer very soon.