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Just saw your 'I love you' post. Gaaaaawd! I LOVE those two! Was wondering if you could help me out, there's a scene I keep remembering, but I can't seem to place it, whether it was in the books or just a fic lol, but it's a scene where C/J are in a lean to or something and he's asking if she wants a baby, she says no but she loves him. It isn't on your list so just wondering if I'm imagining things or did that happen at some point?

Hi anon - it’s a scene from The Fiery Cross.

For context: Jamie and Claire have come into possession of a baby who is all alone in the world, abandoned by her mother and no father in sight. Being in such close proximity to this baby reminds Claire of when she carried Brianna - and Faith - and she gets to thinking about how Jamie never saw her hold either of their children.

Jamie is acutely aware of this. He is also aware that he and Claire have come across a newborn who is clearly in need - and, as they have so many times before, he is prepared to take this child into his family.

“If ye want the child, Claire, I will take her, and manage whatever comes.”

If I wanted her. I could feel the soft weight of the child, sleeping on my breast. I had forgotten the intoxication of motherhood for years; pushed aside the memory of the feelings of exaltation, exhaustion, panic, delight. Having Germain and Jemmy and Joan nearby, though, had reminded me vividly.

“And manage whatever comes.” Here Jamie makes clear that he wants what Claire wants. If she wants the child, he’ll raise it as his own - like he did with Fergus, and Marsali, and (later) Fannie.

Especially because he so wants to give Claire the gift of motherhood.

“For my sake,” he said firmly, addressing the air in front of him as though it were a tribunal, “I dinna want ye to bear another child. I wouldna risk your loss, Sassenach,” he said, his voice suddenly husky. “Not for a dozen bairns. I’ve daughters and sons, nieces and nephews, grandchildren—weans enough.”

He looked at me directly then, and spoke softly.

“But I’ve no life but you, Claire.”

He swallowed audibly, and went on, eyes fixed on mine.

“I did think, though … if ye do want another child … perhaps I could still give ye one.”

Here Jamie plainly shows Claire - admits to her, for the first time ever - that he feels…inadequate, or guilty that he couldn’t have given her more children during their younger years. So he will do whatever it takes to give her more. In whatever way he can.

Because he loves her so deeply. Always puts her first.

And Claire knows this. It takes her breath away.

And reminds her that she doesn’t need to care for another child - not at this point in her life. She’s been there and done that. That phase of her life is other.

She needs to remind Jamie that she doesn’t resent him, or feel bad, that they weren’t able to conceive more children.

And she needs to remind him just how deeply she admires and appreciates him, and his selflessness, and his sacrifices.

I knew. As a mother, I had the lightness now of effort complete, honor satisfied. Mission accomplished.

I leaned my forehead against his chest and spoke into the shadowed cloth above his heart.

“No,” I said softly. “But, Jamie … I so love you.”


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Shibuya Hikarie: Shibuya Crossing by Dick Thomas Johnson
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