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“Why are you talking about the next life?”

“Ah, hurry up and promise me.”

“Then I want you to promise me something as well. Make sure you come back alive. It’s an order.”

“I really like the concept of Chicago Typewriter. I like how it’s showing us a part of the history of Korea that wasn’t in the Joseon Era. It is fresh and somehow you can relate especially for countries that went through the same thing, colonization. I’m a Filipino and Yoo Ah In in the 1930’s gave me that Jose Rizal (our national hero) feels. It really feels so right to watch this series and appreciate what our ancestors did for us. :)“

Little Bean Part 4: How fast they grow

Finally!! I started this chapter ages ago and it’s taken forever, and I’m not sure how many are still interested in reading it but here’s the conclusion to this fluffy little story. Make no mistake, this is pure fluff and probably more predictable and cheesy than I usually write but my muse wanted her happily ever after. I hope you enjoy and it somehow makes up for, or at least eases the pain of last weeks news. Xoxo


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Another Life, a chicago pd fanfic | FanFiction

You can blame @thelinsteads for this one because she gives me these crazy fic ideas and leads me to believe I can totally pull them off with my writing. So; I give you a Linstead AU no one really asked for but; maybe at least somebody  needs? 

Another Life synopsis: Jay Halstead is a former Army Ranger turned high school history teacher and coach. He meets Erin Lindsay under the most terrible of circumstances; a shooting at his school. How will tragedy bring them together and will their bond be strong enough to survive the stresses of her job?

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