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Pairing: Castiel x Reader 

Prompt (Request) : Castiel x reader where she had a crush on him when he was human and they meet again once he has his grace back and he tells her he likes her too

Word Count: 1837

Warnings: Mentions of Alcohol and drinking, explicit language, Sadness, then Fluff

A/N: What better way to start my Supernatural writing than a Cas request?? To the lovely Anon who requested this, Thank you! I am sick so this may not be as good as you deserve, but I hope you enjoy! Also if you are on the perm tag list, I did not put you hear in case yall do not like supernatural since I mostly wrote marvel :) 

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“I’m telling you Y/N, that man in the booth has been staring at you for the past ten minutes!” Your best friend spoke in a hushed tone to you, turning her head to peek over her right shoulder. 

Your head tilted back, allowing the iced whiskey in the small glass cup to flow through your semi open lips. You face quickly contorted in discomfort from the burn the beverage gave you as it slid down your throat, but once you allowed yourself to relax, you began to enjoy the warm sensation that the alcohol produced. 

You sighed as you held the now empty cup with the tips of your fingers. You swirled the glass in small circles before placing it on the bar table gently. You turned you head to your left, now meeting eyes with your best friend who looked at you, eyes wide with expectancy. 

“And I’m telling you Karen, I don’t care.” You stated, motioning for the bartender to get you both more whiskey. 

“But he’s cute!” She whined, her body bouncing slightly like that of a spoiled child. 

“Everyone is always cute to you after the third cup of whiskey, Karen.” 

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Endgame Castiel

ALL the angels will be killed in battle or whathaveyou, except for Cas, and Jack is going to make more angels - a new breed. Cas will be the last of his kind, though whether he chooses to give up his grace and become fully human or not, he will turn away from heaven for good, and make his true home - at last - on earth, with his true (human) family.