I’ve seen a lot of amazing Sailor Avengers cosplay over the years but I just had to share this group, not only because they did beautiful work, not only because there are quite a few of them, but because they also went the extra step to recreate my original artwork (complete with Sailor Coulson and the Cap shield tattoo.)

Check out KittyKait Cosplay for more pictures of the convention the Sailor Avengers and the Shieldlights attended!

Photography credit goes to Nicholas Vernier (vernier.nicholas on flickr.)

Cosplayers in order:  Sailor Coulson | Sailor Captain America | Sailor Iron Man | Sailor Thor | Sailor Hawkeye | Sailor Hulk | Sailor Black Widow | Sailor Loki


“is someone in the lab?” Steve asked, looking over to the other side of the tower where the lab was. the windows were covered by some high tech thing but he could still see shadows moving inside.

“im sorry sir but i dont think you should go in there.” Jarvis answered.

Steve, being the rebel he is, didnt listen to Jarvis. when he got to the lab door he could hear the music and then he heard your voice and couldent help the grin that spread over his face.

as if he wasnt in love with you enough as it was