m: c


  1. HTML: Handles Internet with CSS and Javascript. Breaks the 4th wall on a daily basis. Literally a popstar. The gay is strong here.
  2. CSS: The one that does HTML’s wardrobe. Avid abstract artist. Bullies Javascript for eternity. Extremely one sided love for HTML.
  3. Javascript: Will do anything to keep HTML’s shit together. Has more than 10 toolboxes. Java’s happy sibling. Lowkey crush on Ruby.
  4. PHP: Confused 80% of the time. Oblivious to everything. ??????. No one knows she’s a great musician.
  5. SQL: Tsundere like no tomorrow. Cares a lot about PHP, but also consistently gets pissed at her. They live in the library. Robot arm because of a bookshelf accident.
  6. Python: Loves mountains and camping. Owns 2 bikes. Lowkey crush on the entire C family. Flaming bisexual.
  7. Ruby: Python’s hiking partner. Lives in a cave she renovated all on her own. Secretly wants to overthrow Python. Highkey crush on Javascript.
  8. C: Wildlife and nature. Exercises with tree trunks. The one who taught Python how to camp. Daddy.
  9. C++: The son of C. Always hangs out with Java at the arcade. Consistently wins online arguments. Has a crush on Python.
  10. Java: C++’s bestfriend. Owns 2 bookshelfs: One with video games, and one with actual books. Doesn’t know what sleep is. Absolute nerd.

As promised. Which ones should I do next?

The thing about computer programming is that it’s a complete pain in the ass when you’re trying to figure out the problem, yet when you finally solve it, when you finally have that aha moment, the feeling of accomplishment is unlike anything you’ve felt when you’ve accomplished something. You think holy shit, I can make technology work, and that feeling is totally worth the long stretch of hours or even days when computer programming feels like a pain in the ass.

Há quem diga que sou mimada e patricinha, outros que sou independente e despojada. Há quem diga que sou fria e desligada, outros que sou preocupada e sentimental até demais. Há quem diga que choro demais, outros que não sei o que é isso. Há quem diga que sou estourada, não levo desaforo pra casa e adoro uma briga, outros que quero paz, calmaria e uma música boa. Há quem diga que sou metida, outros que sou de boa. Há quem diga que sou respondona, mal encarada e sem educação, outros que sou simpática e educada. Há quem diga que sou grosseira e só sei dar coice, outros que sou meiga e carinhosa. Há quem diga que sou calculista e conservadora, outros que sou um livro aberto e que não penso em nada. Pra uns sou Maria, pra outros sou Beatriz. Já fui ninguém, já fui “aquele alguém”, já fui até quem não sei quem é. Para alguns eu sou só um emaranhado de coisas, um pouquinho de cada, a mais bela complicação. E para mim eu não sou nada, além de sua.
—  Meu erro foi ter me apaixonado por você, Charlie.
So, i made the chatbot.

It talks to you and learns from you. You tell it what to say when asked a question. So whatever you answer it will answer when asked the same question. 

This is the initial prototype. But i will work from here and develop it further. Maybe one day it will think from itself and not speak from a script, who knows. 

The funny thing about this bot it that once you talk to it for a long time, it will respond to you just like if it were another human being. Also, i wrote this in C++. Followed a few tutorials to get an idea, but this is basic shit and requires basic knowledge of programming. 

Oh, did i mention it has a speech synthesis output? It actually talks to you. The voice is weird though so i need another voice. 

Programmer's youtube subscriptions

There’re some people who teach to people how to code or learn programming on youtube. I think these guys are so cool, they’re doing great jobs and they have knowledge of every subject of programming. I chose some of them and listed in my tumblog.

So here:

1. The New Boston

2. Derek Banas











13.The Bad Tutorial

14. Komputez(Css and Html)

15. Patrick WashingtonDC(Java and C#)

16. LearnCode Academy(Web development)

17. Adam Khoury

18. Brackeys (Game development)

E eu quase te liguei hoje. Pra ouvir sua voz rouca de sono me xingando por ter ligado em plena madrugada, depois sua risada baixa e engraçada, quase falhando. Quase liguei pra te dizer que o dia, a noite, a madrugada, o quarto e eu, não é a mesma coisa sem você. Quase te liguei hoje, só pra te acordar de pirraça por ter dormido mais cedo que eu ou só pra deixar claro que tô com saudades, e insônia. Quase te liguei, nem que fosse só pra ouvir sua respiração forte e seus resmungos enquanto dorme. Mas foi quase.
—  Meu erro foi ter me apaixonado por você, Charlie.