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Justice League is really good, guys

Okay, let me be level with y’all: I hated Man of Steel. And I mean, despised it. Didn’t like Batman V. Superman, though I thought it was slightly better. So far, the only DCEU film I liked was Wonder Woman, so as you can imagine, I didn’t have too high hopes for a film by Zack Snyder, whose faux-philosophical brood-fests I despise, and Joss Whedon, who doesn’t always know when to tone down the humor and tends to use a lot of male gaze and other stuff I dislike. Combine that with a very generic plot, and I went into this movie expecting to find it mediocre at best. 

I. Was. Wrong.

I don’t know how it happened. Two mediocre directors, a ton of behind the scenes issues, a bunch of questionable creative decisions, and tons of cut footage SOMEHOW combined to make a movie that I didn’t just tolerate, but loved, in spite of its issues. 

I’m gonna go more in depth under the cut, but here’s a brief spoiler-free rundown: Justice League is a movie that understands exactly what makes the JLA the most iconic super team in comic books. It combines some perfect characterization with great acting and some really fun scenes that more than make up for its dodgy cgi, occasionally uncomfortable cinematography (probably Whedon’s doing), and rather mediocre plot (probably Snyder’s).

I give the film an 8/10, and I think it’s a must-see for any DC fan. 

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Jaime: He sees me as I am… 💙❤️

God, they really looks soooo beautiful like that
Just Imagine they dancing in the Water with the song of the Shape of Water, just, look and listen that song… The scene is beautiful… 💙❤️

  • Tim: I'm not Batman. I have friends.
  • Ra's: You sure about that?
  • Tim: Yeah! Like Conner.
  • Ra's: He died.
  • Tim: Oh yeah. Well what about Bart?
  • Ra's: He died too
  • Tim: Lonnie?
  • Ra's: Coma
  • Tim: Steph?
  • Ra's: Faked her death without telling you and now you can't trust her
  • Tim: *scratches head* Well I guess I still have my siblings-
  • Ra's: Two of them hate you and the other one has no time for you
  • Tim: ...
  • Tim: ...
  • Tim: ...
  • Tim: Okay but at least I'm still not Batma-
  • Ra's: Out of all your siblings you are the one most similar to Batman in skill, emotional distance, intelligence, and traumatic experience
  • Tim: *cries and stomps away in frustration*

All I drew this week were fusions of my favorite Dc characters, Fusions are fun because I’m not original enough to make my own OC’s but just enough to make cool fusions of pre-existing characters lol