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BTS Reaction to seeing you with no make up on for the first time-

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You decided to sleep at Jin’s for the first time in your relationship and you just finished taking a shower when you stepped out in nothing but a towel. “Whoa!” You suddenly heard from Jin. You shyly tried to cover up your body with your arms when he spoke up again, thinking that what he was whoaing at. “You without make up is so gorgeous, baby. I love it!” You couldn’t help but blush and smile at that.


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When Yoongi saw you after you’d taken off your make up in front of him, he only smiled that precious, gummy smile and turned his head to the side cutely. “So you do get even cuter, huh?”


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Once you finished taking off your make up in order to sleep, you tried your hardest to cover your face while making it to Hoseok’s bed in the dark. After tripping and stumbling like 15X, you finally made it and crawled underneath the sheets. Once you were in bed and thought Hoseok was asleep, you shut your eyes fully ready for your slumber when suddenly a bright light was shined on your bare face. “Ahh what the fuck?!” You shouted, covering your face and opening your eyes to Hoseok shining down his phone light on you. “I’m sorry, it’s just I wanted to see what you looked like without make up and I never have and I was right, i’m gonna have the best dreams ever. You look like a doll.” He whispered before placing a kiss on your bare nose. 

Rap Mon-

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You’d always refused to let Namjoon see you without make up but it took you by total surprise when he came by late at night for a surprise visit. Once you opened the door, you saw his eyes light up and that beautiful smile appear. “You’re just as beautiful as I knew you would be, barefaced.” 


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It’s not that you didn’t want Jimin to see you without makeup, it just never happened. Until one day, you decided to let your pores breathe a bit and go all natural. Jimin saw you for the first time with no make up and swears he fell in love all over again. “You’re so beautiful, ahh”


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Taehyung watched intensely as you removed your makeup for the first time in front of him. “You’re burning a hole in my face babe.” “You look so good, it’d be a crime to look away.” “Smooth.”


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Jungkook looked at your natural bare face before you got into bed with him and he instantly became blushy and shy. “Oh my god you’re so pretty, HOW.”