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I could only get through the first little biT of the LL video. Shatner. Can get. Away with. The Shatner comma- SHe cannoT. She sounded like a righT TwiT. BC with DG - he wasn't great - but he had fun. Watching the Ends of the Earth vid actually made me question if his voice in that was over dubbed- it didn't sound like the same voice to me- it had a different tamber. Dubbing vocals in flicks is done frequently- Christopher Plummer did not sing Edelweiss. - Leggsie

I think it’s Ben singing on The Ends Of The Earth and it is definitely him singing on August:  Osage County Leggsie.  The boy can sing.  Just not a notoriously difficult song…  Like I said yesterday, there have been worse renditions of Comfortably Numb in the past  ;o)

And yes!

“Shatner. Can get. Away with. The Shatner comma- SHe cannoT . She sounded like a righT TwiT.”

I agree wholeheartedly!


Benedict Cumberbatch as Little Charles in August: Osage County.

THAT scene. ;) 

EDIT: re-uploaded. let me know if you still can’t watch it.

AND the whole song is here.   some caps here


– I missed Uncle Bev’s funeral, and I know how they feel about me CHARLIE Who, how who feels about you? Feels what about you? LITTLE CHARLES All of them. I know what they say. CHARLIE They don’t say things about you  LITTLE CHARLES I see how they are. I don’t blame them. I’m sorry I let you down, Dad. CHARLIE You haven’t let me down. You never let me down. Now listen here… you’re wrong about these people, they love you. Some of them haven’t gotten a chance to see what I see: a fine man, very loving, with a lot to offer. Now take this… (gives Little Charles a handkerchief) Give me my comb. Stand up straight. Look folks in the eye. And stop being so hard on yourself.  LITTLE CHARLES I love you, Dad. CHARLIE Love you too, son. August: Osage County (Tracy Letts)


Benedict Cumberbatch as Little Charles

from DVD extras - deleted scenes. please link back if you want to repost or gif it.


Its the BAFTA awards later today and Benedict Cumberbatch has 4 films that are all up for awards - 12 Years a Slave, August Osage County, The Hobbit:The Desolation of Smaug and Star Trek into Darkness.

You can watch the red carpet on E! from 5:15 pm (not a channel I have sadly) and the BAFTAs are on BBC1 from 9:00 pm tonight. Please note the BAFTAs are on an hours delay so twitter will announce ALL the winners first so stay off it if you want to be surprised.

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