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The Wild Hunt (Adventure Time)

And here we are at the beginning of the end of Adventure Time’s final run of episodes, which will lead until the grand finale!

Although we have already been in Season 9 according to Cartoon Network, starting with Orb, the Adventure Time crew have intended this episode called “The Wild Hunt” to be the Season 9 premiere and what a fantastic episode to start out on!

During the evening, a giant monster that Princess Bubblegum calls the “Grumbo” starts to attack the Candy Kingdom and kill some of the Banana Guards!

Finn tries to slay the monster, but every time he’s about to defeat it, he feels guilt about Fern’s death from the previous episode, Three Buckets and starts to hallucinate seeing Fern’s face.

Finn ends up running into Huntress Wizard, who tries to help him get over his guilt of Fern and take down the Grumbo with him.

Finn and Huntress Wizard find the Grumbo’s cave and Finn still can’t bring himself to defeat it, to which Huntress Wizard puts herself in harm’s way and Finn imagines Huntress Wizard as Fern and end up defeating the Grumbo once and for all.

Huntress Wizard already knew that Finn is in love with her and gives her a kiss only to see Fern in her and screams.

They find out that the Grumbo was made with artificial candy and wonder who made it, to which we cut to a mysterious man, being Uncle Gumbald and plots to create another monster, which we see may be the remains of Fern he picked up from the previous episode!

This episode really was a wild adventure!

Not only was there a big battle with a giant monster that Finn had to fight, but the episode sees the return of Huntress Wizard to help Finn fight the Grumbo!

I really liked how Finn wasn’t able to get over Fern’s death so quickly and have remained a guilty part of conscience for nearly a month.

The scenes with Finn and Princess Bubblegum were great, as the joke with PB slipping on a banana peel while talking about how serious death was quite humorous and show that the series has a great mix of being both funny and serious!

It was pretty dark to see the Banana Guards getting killed by the Grumbo, but they had a lot of great lines in the beginning.

I also wanted to talk about how well-made this episode was, in terms of animation, music, action, pacing and character development!

This might be one of my recent favourite episodes, as there was definitely a bump in the animation which might’ve had to do with how Erik Fountain, the storyboard supervisor got to board a few scenes of the episode, with two other great storyboarders being Polly Guo & Sam Alden.

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Sam Alden even mentioned that this was the last episode that he worked on with Polly and it was quite the amazing episode to go out on!

Special mention to Huntress Wizard playing a great role in this episode and was quite surprised to see Finn give her a kiss after she already knew that he was in love with her.

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I forgot this wasn’t the first they kissed, which was also in Flute Spell. However, Finn had matured with his romantic relationships ever since his breakup with Flame Princess, so as much as I really like Huntress Wizard and Finn together, I’d hope he wouldn’t make the same mistakes as before.

However, Finn sees Fern while kissing her, so it could also mean how Finn has really learned to appreciate himself after all that he’s been through.

Another one of my favourite jokes was when Finn got burned near his crotch and his voice goes unreasonably high.

Finn also ended up getting his sword burnt, to which he will probably be getting a new sword in future episodes. My guess is the one that’s in the Orb title card.

The ending really raises a lot of the questions, as to what exactly is Gumbald planning and what is his next creation going to be? I definitely don’t think that’s the last we’ve seen of Fern or the Grass Squid.

This episode was a blast and a great start to Season 9!

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