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Looking for blogs to follow

Hi! I’m anna and I thought I’d make this post bc I’m really looking for more blogs to follow! I’ll give you a blog rate + screenie if requested just shoot me an ask xx

If u post any of:

  • nature/animals
  • books
  • witchy/ethereal/crystals
  • anime/adventure time/bubbline
  • fantasy/writing/art
  • pink/pastel goth
  • strange and absurd humour

(you can check out my about page to know a little more about what i like!)

my blog is a lgbt+, poc, body positive, safe space!

Holy Shit Am drew something after what happened-
Yes I did because it’s for an art trade with @beevito <3 Or like- it’s one piece of the art trade I’m gonna draw more stuff LOL- 
I really hope I got your hair color right-! I looked up some pics of you but also tried to ref how you drew yourself (I’m so sorry if that sounds creepy in any way-) and couldn’t decide on a final color I,D 
She’s super cute and is really good at art
Go follow her


Here are the Kingdom Hearts World Logos of several cartoons that is made by PortadorX from Deviant Art. Enjoy