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When I was 15 I dated a 18-going-on-19 years old guy and nobody thought it was weird even tho I was in high school and he was in College. OTAYURI IS NOT WRONG! AND I WILL DEFFEND THEIR HONOR TILL I DIE! Plus two years is like nothing dude!

My dad was 19 when he started dating my mom, who was 14.

Their relationship was (and still is) 100% healthy.

One of my cousins (16) is dating a 27 year old. (Now that is a big age gap)

Also: daily reminder that I am not American.

That America is not the center of the world.

And that entitled Americans who think their laws and culture are superior don’t deserve anyone’s pity.

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the dark splideranon returns: do we call the avongers the avocados now? since avocados might have a weird texture, but are ultimately undeserving of praise because they're tasteless. used gum takes more risks than avocados do. in fact, i couldn't describe to you the taste of the last five avocados i've eaten, even though nobody will shut the fuck up about them. they're very repetitive, uncreative fruits, with ugly washed-out colors because they haven't discovered the value scale.

The only good thing that came outta those ugly green mush? THE GUAC

It feels so weird to do a google search of “age of empires 2 farms” to try to find a reference of what they looked like in the original game, only to get results of screenshots and videos with the not-100-percent-accurate farms I made before it released on Steam and which got pushed into the official build of the game some months later. 

I made people happy with those and got my name put in the Special Thanks section of the credits, meaning my name is in one of my favorite games in my life, but I will never be “really” happy because I know that’s not 100% what the farms looked like, and everyone gets to see those now anyway, and it’s kinda my “fault”.

Small rant/thoughts.

Edit: but then I see the HD farms originally included in that game and holy crap are those ugly as sin. That was a bullet dodged.