m: 2ne1


Hi hello meet High4 a group that made a hit somg with IU in 2014 but sadly melted away after that. Theyve recently made a comeback and it would really make a difference if more people checked them out.
Their vocals are honestly A++ and talks of disbandment are worry some among fans.
So please just have a listen leave a like you wont regret it ♡♡♡.

All the anti’s that came to 2NE1’s good bye video are so gross and the part of Kpop I hate. Your comments weren’t needed, just let them say good bye and that be it. No need to say things like “Bye b****s” I hope that when you’re favorite group disbands (which they will one day.) That you’ll realize just how crap that was to do.

Black Pink debuts: They’re copying 2NE1

CLC has a comeback: They’re copying 4Minute

Red Velvet debuts: They’re the walmart version of F(X)

Gfriend debuts: They’re Apink wannabes

Apink Debuts: They’re copying SNSD

Twice debuts: They’re just trying to be SNSD

Seohyun has solo debut: She’s copying Ariana Grande

Girl/Girl Group does anything = being criticized

Boy Groups: Literally do the same shit over and over again

You guys: