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I thought this was a Duffel Blog post when I first scrolled by it but it was real. This is an actual member of our military doing his yearly qualification holding the gun so close to his face he can damn near get hit by the slide and use a horrible grip and stance. I’m generally not a stickler for perfect poses or grips, but this is flat out bad. It’s a good thing generals don’t see much combat.

The reason this is such a big deal to me is because this is our military. One big reason I hear about why only law enforcement and military should have guns is because they are “highly trained” professionals. They’re not. It takes a lot of training to make a cop or soldier but very little of that training actually covers firearms. There are plenty of cops and soldiers that are gun owners outside of their profession. They are pretty competent with guns because they train and practice regularly on their own time rather than only using a gun for the yearly qualification. The government gives very bare bones training then hope for a gun that is idiot proof so their under trained people don’t accidentally shoot someone.

Tried And True: The Smith And Wesson Model 10 - .38 Special

So through this series, the only revolvers I’ve covered were more higher powered handguns, the Colt Python and the S&W Model 29, but those are guns more well known for film, what about a gun that’s one of the most common revolvers ever made?

So, here we are, the Smith And Wesson Model 10. This icon of the police world has around 6-7 million revolvers of it’s type made, it’s also one of the oldest continually made revolver designs, dating all the way back to 1899, and people give the M1911 beef for it’s age.

So the Model 10′s story begins at the later years of the 1890′s. Smith And Wesson had made what are commonly called the Model 1899 Hand Ejector and orders were placed by the US Military for models in the .38 Long Colt cartridge for use in the Philippines. If you know your history, you know that during the Philippine Campaign the US Army realized that .38 Long Colt was a very weak cartridge. So S&W decided to take .38 Long Colt and make it a bit hotter. What happened was that the 700 fps from the normal .38 Long Colt went up to about 700-800 fps in the brand new. 38 Special. 

To say the Model 10 took off is an understatement, the Model 10 took off like a bottle rocket. Most police departments in the US adopted either the Model 10 or the Colt Official Police. The Hong Kong Police Department, post WWII Austrian police, copies in China and Israel, even the Vichy French Milice francaise used Model 10′s converted to the French 8mm revolver cartridge. Hell, Hermann Goering was said to have carried one. And while it’s been replaced for the most part by semi-automatic pistols, a number of police forces still use the old Model 10.

Besides the main Model 10/Military And Police, the only other main different model is the Smith And Wesson Victory Model. This was a simplified model made for WWII production and was widely used and circulated through both the US Military and the Allied powers, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. The only difference between the US Models and the Commonwealth models is that the Commonwealth ones are in .38 S&W rather than .38 Special. 

The Victory Models were very common in the US Army, besides WWII, they served into Korea and Vietnam and were still in service until 1980′s with the adoption of the Beretta M9, at least the Victory’s were used with the Coast Guard, helicopter crews and Air National Guard and Transport crews up until Operation Desert Storm.

And now 100 years later, the Model 10 is still being made. Modern Model 10′s are fitted with Heavy Barrels, first added in the 1950′s and all are usually rated for +P+ ammo. Despite a number of different revolvers and semi-automatic pistols coming out and replacing the Model 10 in service, it’s still very popular. It’s strong, accurate and reliable. When all else fails, the Model 10 won’t, and with a long history in the holsters of the police comes a long history on the silver screen.

With a long history of military and police uses, the Model 10′s had a long film history. Starting all the way back in 1934′s Maniac, the Model 10′s only become more and more common as the years go by. Indiana Jones, James Bond, Super 8, Black Dynamite, Dead Presidents, The Untouchables, whether it’s with a snub nosed 2″ barrel or a full length 4″, it’s common, and while it’s video game depictions are a bit lacking, it’s still an impressive gun.

And that is the S&W Model 10, an icon of the police world and one of the best cheap revolvers. Whether it’s a brand new gun, a Victory model or even a worn-out cop gun, they’re reliable, dependable and even with 100 years of production, shows no sign of slumping in popularity.

That’ll stop anything that moves, the Magnum, they use that in Africa for killing elephants, but that .38 is a funny gun. Some of these guns are like toys, but that .38, you can hammer nails with her all day, come home and it’ll still hit dead center”

Klance Fic: Pacifier (NSFW)

The duffle bag hit the ground with a hard “clang,” causing his anxious boyfriend to jump and squeak. Keith gave him an unimpressed stare and snorted. He zipped the flap open and grabbed two things out of it. In one hand he held a bag of Gas, which he tossed to Lance who caught it with fumbling hands. The other, a sleek Beretta m9. Lance gazed at it with a mixture of fear and excitement and Keith couldn’t help but grin.

“Pretty, isn’t it?” He smirked and Lance nodded, reaching out to touch the gun before hesitating. Keith shrugged at his boyfriends hesitance and threw the gun on the bed, and popped his neck. Grinning at the way Lance grimaced.

“That’s so gross” he complained. “Yeah yeah, whatever. Are you gonna roll one or do I have to?”

“You suck at rolling blunts” Lance said cradling the thick bag of weed to his chest dramatically and Keith rolled his eyes. “I’m not even in the mood to smoke, I only brought my stash to chill you out before we do this” he snapped irritatedly. He could already feel his headache coming along.

“Keith” Lance started softly before sighing, “ Sorry its just- yeah I’m nervous. We’re really gonna do this after planning it for so long. I’m scared but in a good way” he murmured eyeing the gun on the bed and instantly Keith felt like a dick. He groaned.

“Alright, how about we do this; you get yourself all pretty, wet, and loose for me, and I go get my attitude together in the bathroom? Deal?”


Keith grabbed the Gas and gun and threw them in the duffle bag. He spared Lance a glance and sighed in relief when he saw the other boy rooting through his dressers. Good. He wouldn’t see how bad Keith’s hands were shaking.

He walked in the bathroom and went to lock the door before Lance’s voice calling out to him made him pause. “Keith”

“Yeah” he called back, knuckles turning white from how hard he was gripping the door knob.

“You did take your medicine right?”

A pause.

“Of course I did. I’m not a fucking idiot” he lied before shutting the bathroom door and locking it.


Keith threw the bag on the ground and groaned. He smoother one hand threw his bangs and tugged tight while his other hand gripped the sink. He thought about the Naloxone sitting back home on his dresser. Un-used and taunting him, like a freak.

He grit his teeth.

Keith didn’t need some fucking opioid to help him keep himself in control. He was fine- normal. Perfectly in control of his actions and the things he did.

He scoffed at the lies he told himself. Impulse control, huh?

He stared down at the gun in the bag. Pretty, sleek, bullet free.

Why did that seem so wrong? He tied his long hair in a stubby back pony tail with the hair tie in his wrist and grabbed the Beretta out the bag. His eyes flickered to the door and back to the gun. A single bullet laid in his back pocket and it burned. Pressed hard in the front of his mind, causing his fingers to jump and twitch.

What was a gun without a bullet?

What was the point of him and Lance doing mock fear play when the could get really kinky and do ACTUAL fear play? Keith made up his mind. He took the safety off the gun and put the bullet in. It fit snuggly, at home and Keith sighed.

He was so fucked up.


The gun sat in his palms heavy when he walked back out to Lance. Lance who wad naked on the bed, soft tan skin glowing while the black sheets illuminated it all. His breath stuttered. Lance looked so pretty and he’d be even prettier with tears running down his face.

“Did you get yourself ready?” He asked crawling over, setting the gun on the bed.

“Yeah, just like you asked” he was shaking. Nerves rattling him like a leaf in a violent storm and Keith shivered when something hot coiled in his belly. They barely started and Lance already looked wrecked.

“Let me see”

His dropped his fingers to Lance’s hole and was pleased to see it was indeed wet and loose. Practically gaping and twitching at his touch, so loose, so wet.

They’d have no problems with fitting the barrel in there then.

Keith kissed him hard. Cock already straining in his skinny jeans and Lance kissed back just as fierce. Hands fitting onto Keith’s muscled shoulders.

“Ready?” He asked, voice husky with lust and excitement and Lance trembled but nodded all the same.

Keith grabbed the gun with shaky hands, sweat slicking the butt of the gun up, as he placed the barrel to Lance’s rim.

He spared a glance to Lance who lay tensed of the bed with his hands fisting the covers.

“Relax” was all he gave him before he pushed the barrel past Lance’s rim.

Overcome with fear Lance tried to wiggle away but Keith held him down with one hand and began fucking him with it.

“K-keith!” He cried, lust and fear wracking his voice and Keith shook, fingers twitching with the need to do something he knows he shouldn’t.

“I’m here baby I’m here” he cooed before he pulled the trigger. Lance screamed hearing the empty click and Keith suffered with excitement and fear.

Lance feared for the sake of fearing. He craved it and trusted Keith to give him that with the promise of pleasure too. He KNEW that yet here he was playing Russian Roulette with his lovers life, him not even knowing and something about Lance not knowing was hot. Powerful even. His life was in Keith’s hands and Keith felt himself in a power trip.

His cocked leaked heavily in its confines and he palmed himself.


He. Was. So. Hard.

He fucked Lance harder and faster. Loving the way he shook and trembled beneath him. Keith was so glad Lance was on his back because here he could see everything displayed on his face.

The fear.

The pleasure.

The trust-

God how it felt good to abuse that trust.

He pulled the trigger again, dread and power coursing through his veins again and Lance sobbed with relief when it gave another empty click.

13 more rounds left. The next one could be the bullet Keith thought and he groaned.

He grabbed Lance’s cock with his other hand and stroked him fast in tune with the thrusting of the gun.

“Keith Keith Keith,” he chanted like a mantra and sobbed. “Kiss me. Kiss m-” Keith swallowed another scream when the chamber clicked empty again.

He felt like he was gonna bust in his jeans at any second.

He ground the gun against Lance’s prostate and grinned when Lance keened and rolled his eyes in the back of his head.

He pulled the trigger again.


Fandom: James Bond

Pairing: Q x reader

Warnings: swearing, guns, violence and fluffff

Disclaimer: I do not own the James Bond books or films

Word Count: 3453

A/N: Bleh, I turned into a bond girl after watching Spectre last week. I re-watched Skyfall like twice and now I think Q is the most adorable human being on Earth…the troubles of being a fangirl. Btw this takes place in the middle of Skyfall. (Sorry if it doesn’t make much sense, in the timeline.)


You’ve been working for MI6 for roughly five years now. The whole incident with Raoul Silva was quite devastating, especially since you were caught in the crossfire of the explosion at the ‘old’ MI6 headquarters. You weren’t seriously injured, but a bang to the head and a few days in bed was what you got. Other people…weren’t so lucky. Six of your colleagues were dead, you could clearly see the grief in everyone’s eyes. You only came back a few days later to be greeted by M and…someone you haven’t met before. “Ah, 00[n]. Great to see you are back on your feet again.” M greeted you with the warmest look she could muster. “Pleasure to be back to work, Ma’am.” You replied almost instantly. “This is your new Quartermaster…you’ll report back to him with your equipment after completed missions.” Suddenly M’s phone went off, she looked down at it… “Looks like I have to take my leave…meeting with the Prime Minister with Tanner.” You rolled your eyes at this, “Good luck with that Ma’am.”  The prime minister can be a bloody bitch sometimes. But what prime minister isn’t…I’m here to protect the queen and her country. M left the room and I was left with the new quartermaster, who was busy typing away on his laptop.

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My brother is amazing and a genius



John’s gun: Sig sauer p226 

(this is a p220 bc I couldn’t find a 26 but according to my bro it doesn’t change front)

John’s gun eliminated 

Euros/ East Wind’s gun: Sig sauer 220 or 226 

(You cant see which because the only visible difference is the colours of the gun, we know John has a 226 because we have shot’s of it written on the gun. Knowing Moftiss it’s probably the same type. Mirrors mirrors) 

Euros/ East Wind’s gun eliminated for the same reason John’s gun was.

“Mary’s” Gun: M9 Beretta 

We see it here without silencer. (Also, Ajay’s gun is a glock and also can be eliminated, that thing’s front is as square as it can be) 

“Mary’s” gun eliminated 



Moriarty’s gun eliminated


Same gun different shot if you needed a reminder. 

This a Walther ppk

See those fucking nibs on the bottom and the one thingy on the top? This is it my dudes, thank my brother. 


  2.  wikipedia: “hence better suited to plainclothes or undercover work”
  3.  Dutch wikipedia: “Very popular under spies, guards and bodyguards” 
  4. Polizeipistole Kriminalmodell is the PPK thing, it was used by police in Germany, I don’t know if there is some connection here but sounds interesting?
  5.  Some other fun facts: Adolf Hitler killed himself with this, and Elvis had one too. 




I think it confirms our theory that what happened in the aquarium is not how it really happened.

Look at the effects, the framing, the bullet. This is over the top, a story. The flashbacks are how it really happened.  

This could be a tfp foreshadow. We will see the real story. If I’m right this could mean that the whole aquarium scene is confirmed false, including mary’s “redemption” arc and her amazingly realistic death. *kuch*

I’m not well versed in meta world so I hope someone who knows all the reality theories can do something with this! Forgive me for tagging you while you don’t know me (If you want me to remove your tag please say so!), I just hope to get somewhere with this. I don’t remember who came up with the unreliable narrator meta’s but if you do please tag them! Maybe this helps/supports their meta! 

(I got most of the t6t and tld scene pictures from @impatient14‘s meta about the gunshots in the season. I found those while researching pictures for the meta, it was not intended as a meta copy, this all just started because my brother recognized the flashback gun and into the rabbit hole I go)

If you could give feedback/tag people who could, it would be greatly appreciated! 

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