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30 Day Roller Coaster Challenge

Day 19 - A roller coaster that took you by surprise

Both Kings Island and Kings Dominion’s Flight of Fear roller coasters. Fell in love with them after my first lap on it at Kings Island, and had that love enforced when I got to (non-consecutively) lap it three times lights-off and twice lights-on at Kings Dominion. It’s also one of the few coasters I’ve ever been on that’s had me completely disoriented during the course.

I might be overrating it, but I just love this coaster so much! :-p

Day 13 - A roller coaster that is a guilty pleasure

Hand down, this machine. Ninja at Six Flags over Georgia.

The first two times I ever rode this when I was younger, I always came off it with splitting headaches that would ruin the rest of the day at the park, and possibly the days after. Then, one day I learned of a “safe-seat” and tried it the next time I was at the park. Not only did I survive the coaster, but I now LOVE it! The lines are never very long, and the track layout freaks me out whenever the train came really close to any other track or supports.

Day 14 - A roller coaster that no one would expect you to love

T2 at Kentucky Kingdom

The world’s second Vekoma hang-n-bang ever built has always been one of the roughest coasters that I would ever dare to re-ride. Anyone in the Louisville area that’s been to the park at least 3 times knows about it as well, and would advise avoiding it. I always hopped on one of the last two rows on the train and braced myself for dear life.

The amount of roughness on the coaster always left me giggling during and after the ride, which I guess would also make this coaster a guilty pleasure (which is the previous day for this coaster challenge… hmm.)


30 Day Roller Coaster Challenge

Day 10 - a roller coaster best ridden at night

Haven’t ridden too many coasters after the sun when down, but I think this one, hands-down, would be Voyage at Holiday World.

Going so far into the forest and away from the park, soaring over airtime hills on wooden track hundreds of feet into the air, roaring through the figure-eight elements which include a few 90 degree turns, the super long track, and lets not forget the cold underground tunnels (especially the triple-dip pitch black tunnel. Woah!).

All of this in a forest with very little to no visibility is just something you have to experience as a roller coaster enthusiast. No other coaster experience has beaten that for me, thus far.