Messier 81, more commonly known as Bode’s Galaxy, is a spiral galaxy located about 12 million light years away in the constellation Ursa Major. The galaxy is continuously being studied by professional astrophysicists due to both its size and proximity. This is the neighbour to the Cigar Galaxy, which I blogged about before. I’ve tried to find this galaxy in the sky with my telescope, but I haven’t seen anything yet. Not sure what that says about my skill-set. 🌚

M81 + M82 and NGC3070 

Last night was the first night i got to do any imaging in 3 weeks due to the shit weather in the UK. These galaxies are pretty close to us at 12 million light years, im sure i can see them with the naked eye. They also look pretty close together but they are estimated to be around 150,000 light years apart

Black Holes Have Simple Feeding Habits

At the center of spiral galaxy M81 is a supermassive black hole about 70 million times more massive than our sun.

A study using data from Chandra and ground-based telescopes, combined with detailed theoretical models, shows that the supermassive black hole in M81 feeds just like stellar mass black holes, with masses of only about ten times that of the sun. This discovery supports Einstein’s relativity theory that states black holes of all sizes have similar properties.

Image Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/Wisconsin/D.Pooley & CfA/A.Zezas; Optical: NASA/ESA/CfA/A.Zezas; UV: NASA/JPL-Caltech/CfA/J.Huchra et al.; IR: NASA/JPL-Caltech/CfA


This composite NASA image of the spiral galaxy M81, located about 12 million light years away, includes X-ray data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory (blue), optical data from the Hubble Space Telescope (green), infrared data from the Spitzer Space Telescope (pink) and ultraviolet data from GALEX (purple). The inset shows a close-up of the Chandra image. At the center of M81 is a supermassive black hole that is about 70 million times more massive than the Sun.

A new study using data from Chandra and ground-based telescopes, combined with detailed theoretical models, shows that the supermassive black hole in M81 feeds just like stellar mass black holes, with masses of only about ten times that of the Sun. This discovery supports the implication of Einstein’s relativity theory that black holes of all sizes have similar properties, and will be useful for predicting the properties of a conjectured new class of black holes.

In addition to Chandra, three radio arrays (the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope, the Very Large Array and the Very Long Baseline Array), two millimeter telescopes (the Plateau de Bure Interferometer and the Submillimeter Array), and Lick Observatory in the optical were used to monitor M81. These observations were made simultaneously to ensure that brightness variations because of changes in feeding rates did not confuse the results. Chandra is the only X-ray satellite able to isolate the faint X-rays of the black hole from the emission of the rest of the galaxy.

The supermassive black hole in M81 generates energy and radiation as it pulls gas in the central region of the galaxy inwards at high speed. Therefore, the model that Markoff and her colleagues used to study the black holes includes a faint disk of material spinning around the black hole. This structure would mainly produce X-rays and optical light. A region of hot gas around the black hole would be seen largely in ultraviolet and X-ray light. A large contribution to both the radio and X-ray light comes from jets generated by the black hole. Multiwavelength data is needed to disentangle these overlapping sources of light.

Bright Spiral Galaxy M81 : One of the brightest galaxies in planet Earths sky is similar in size to our Milky Way Galaxy: big, beautiful M81. This grand spiral galaxy can be found toward the northern constellation of the Great Bear . This superbly detailed view reveals M81s bright yellow nucleus, blue spiral arms, and sweeping cosmic dust lanes with a scale comparable to the Milky Way. Hinting at a disorderly past, a remarkable dust lane actually runs straight through the disk, to the left of the galactic center, contrary to M81s other prominent spiral features. The errant dust lane may be the lingering result of a close encounter between M81 and its smaller companion galaxy, M82. Scrutiny of variable stars in M81 has yielded one of the best determined distances for an external galaxy 11.8 million light-years. via NASA


M81 - Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major

One of the most stunning and brightest galaxies of the northern hemisphere is M81, a classic grand design spiral galaxy with uniform swirling arms which measures two-thirds of the full-moon in diameter and lies 11.8 million light-years away in the circumpolar constellation of Ursa Major. 

Credit: Anthony Ayiomamitis


Since it was a clearer night than yesterday, I decided to try imaging again. This time I used a larger scope (6 inch aperture)

From the top:

M42 - The Orion Nebula

C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy - Comet Lovejoy

M81 and M82 - galaxies in Ursa Major

M35 (and NGC 2158 to the bottom right) - open clusters in Gemini

M45 - The Pleiades star cluster, aka the Seven Sisters

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Can you recommend some Danger Days fanfics?

absolutely!!!!!!!! almost all of these are gonna be ghoul/poison though so if you don’t like that pairing……sorry m8

1. my all-time favorite is firefight. it’s a fusion fic of the killjoys and the youngblood chronices, featuring most in-depth worldbuilding i’ve ever read, gallons of angst, ancient gods, amazing characterization, and all the emotions you’ll ever need. the author @personalized-radio is a godsend. (she also might kill me if i don’t mention that the first couple works in the series were written years ago and aren’t ~up to par~ with her current standards, but she can shut up bc they’re still beautiful.) also the series is long as hell so if you read it you’d better strap in for the ride.

it’s just……….. wow. i won’t spoil, but wow.

2. my second favorite, and probably among the most well-known killjoy fics, is the science of sleep. it’s a really amazing concept that’s pulled off flawlessly. the writing and the plot are both perfection, go heck it out!

3. another one i’m quite partial to is i believe we’re the enemy. it’s not finished yet, but we’re only a few chapters away! it’s angsty as FUCK. featuring brainwashing, some damn good metaphors, and a major character death tag that’s not entirely accurate. (just read it.)

4. insect king! this one revolves around tommy chow mein and dr. death defying, and it’s super cool. it’s an origin story for the two of them, as well as the story of how BLi gradually took over. it’s different from most other killjoy fic in that it really shows some of the gray moralities in their world. definitely worth a read. 

5. cacti are incredibly rude. this is the kind of fluff that’s oh-so rare to find in the killjoys!verse. i love it <3

6. FABULOUS killjoys. jet and kobra get married?? plus some great ghoul/poison action?? whats not to love :D

7. uhhhhh…. i’m just gonna. stick this in here. it’s sad, it’s about the girl post-sing, and i may or may not have written it.

8. i,,, well,,, okay. hannah made me put this on the list too. we’re all just born to descend, aka my biggest accomplishment over the past year. i dunno man. read it if you wanna. there’s ghoul/poison and hurt/comfort and amnesia and some words i threw on a page

9. neon kisses in the dark. heyyy, a podfic to throw in the mix! you can also read it if ya want. light ghoul/poison. it’s by akamine_chan so you Know it’s good

this is by no means all the good killjoy fic out there, but they’re my personal favorites :D

The Cigar Galaxy, also known as M82, is located 12 million light years away. It is a Starburst Galaxy, which means it is currently undergoing rapid star formation. This is thought to have been triggered by the neighbouring galaxy M81. Located in the constellation of Ursa Major, it is ~5 times more luminous than the Milky Way. It is also home to M82 X-2, a dull name for an extremely bright neutron star; so bright, that it breaches its Eddington luminosity (How bright an object of a given mass can be).


M81-M82 New by Christian Garcia