Formula 1 Evolution

From the M7A - the car that Bruce McLaren himself drove to victory in Spa-Francorchamps in 1968, the first ever victory for the team in Formula 1… to the MP4/27, the car that won 7 races and 8 pole positions in 2012.

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I’m feeling a little lazy tonight - like I said earlier, I feel like I’ve been running non-frigging-stop since Saturday morning (aka when I shot this), so it might take me some time to post all the videos I shot. So, here’s footage of my train arriving into Brewster on Saturday morning - which, as you can see was soggy and cold.

I need to rope the BF into replacing the dead RAM in my computer, then I might actually be able to tolerate editing these things into something a little less annoying than the individual snippets :)

On the plus side: all the videos have been moved from video camera to my computer - so there’s that for me to feel accomplished about.