So i finally rebuilt these M-51 pants. I had never taken a pair of pants apart before so i was pretty intimidated which is why i was procrastinating so much.. i guess in reality the hardest part was just starting, After that everything went pretty smoothly considering i was just blagging it…at no point did i sew the rear pocket flap into the seam or repeatedly pin the pants so the seam was on the right side of the fabric. Despite all the fuck up’s and rough finishing i’m really happy with how they turned out, they look dope with my EQT Racers and a fresh Sunspel tee. 


A 1975 Volvo 245 with a Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine, stock pistons, Eagle rods, ARP head studs, Bosch Bjp Race 2,200cc injectors, Nuke fuel rail, Nuke fuel filter, Accel fuel pressure regulator, Walbro E85 in-tank pump, Link G4 Extreme engine management, modified engine and gearbox mounts, PRC manifold, KKK 29 turbo, PRC Wastegate, Nuke blowoff valve and a Lintec air filter. - Drivetrain V160 six-speed trans, Tilton clutch, Fidanza flywheel, BMW M5 differential mounted in factory rear axle. - Suspension R-sport shock absorbers, lowering springs, Kaplehenke quick steer roll correction kit. - Wheels Modified 17″ Peugeot 407 steel wheels. - Interior Roll bar, Sparco driver seat, stereo and subwoofer