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Podcast 71 - Abra Macabra

You are under my spell.

This week our Touch The Spider! Podcast presents the Pop Art video Abra Macabra.

You find the song Abra Macabra on our double CD I spit on your grave.

In February 2009 we shot the Pop Art video fitting the music.




How to rotate a 3gp video taken with your mobile

Software needed:

  • QuickTime Player
  • iMovie

Source file:

  • 3gp video file taken with a HTC Desire HD

Platform for uploading:

  • Vimeo.com

How To:1

  • Open de 3gp video in QuickTime
  • Go to File > Save for Web
External image

QuickTime Save for Web

  • Choose the output size
External image

QuickTime Choose Output Format

  • Import the new file (m4v format) in iMovie
  • Add the movie event (bottom of your screen) (select all frames) to a new project
External image

iMovie add frames to a project

  • Again, select all frames
External image

iMovie add frames to Project

  • Click on the Crop button
  • Choose Option Fit and the direction you need
External image

iMovie click Crop button, click Fit, choose Direction

  • Click Done
  • In the Menu, choose Share > Export
External image

iMovie Share to Export

  • Choose your output size and export
External image

iMovie Choose Output Format

  • Done!
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  1. Click on the Thumbnails for a larger image.
[original post: http://leonieke.net/entries/1141 by Leonieke Aalders in Apple Mac, Photographonics, Tips]