Thanks Lauren (litttlelaur) for the generous donation to the Kids Care Fund at Children’s National Medical Center, on behalf of my Mustache for Kids!  Thanks to your generosity and others, I’ve raised almost $3,000 to support unsubsidized care for low income families, and other outreach in poor communities, as well as art therapists and other quality of care initiatives at the hospital.

If others are interested in donating a few bucks (the site will take amounts of $5 and up), please do so at http://bit.ly/JacquesMustache2011

I am aiming to raise $7,500, but more importantly, I’m trying to get at least 250 donations (of any amount) by next Friday, and I am amazed and impressed at the power of what Tumblr can do.  

If you know of anyone else who might be interested in donating, please reblog or send to them.  Any questions? Just ask.


Great times at the 2011 Mustaches for Kids DC Stache Bash last Friday night, where we raised over $51,000 for the Kids Care Fund at Children’s National Medical Center.

I didn’t end up winning the Fundraisingest ‘Stache trophy this year—my Fundraising Archnemesis Spanky pulled out the win — but I was able to raise $8,100 for the Kids, thanks to the generous donations of so many of you.  And I’m already thinking about how to regain the fundraising trophy next year!  

(Photos by Carly Glazier)

Hugo is taking Mustaches for Kids DC a bit literally, but he hopes you’ll contribute to the Kids Care Fund at CNMC on behalf of my mustache by going to http://bit.ly/jacquesmustache2012 and donating a few bucks. (Or a lot of bucks, if that’s how you roll).

The Kids Care Fund goes to support treatment, research and quality of care initiatives at Children’s National Medical Center, which provides nearly $59 million each year in uncompensated care to families that can’t afford it.

My Mustache for Kids is getting into the holiday spirit, having raised more than $6,100 for the Kids Care Fund at Children’s National Medical Center.  

The “Fundraising-est Stache” trophy is within reach by Friday, but my fundraising arch-nemesis, Spanky, has been on a tear, so I’m asking for your help… can you pitch in $5, $10, $20 or more for this great cause, or for my not-so-bad mustache? And can you spread the word?


Today, my nascent mustache for kids emerged from its stubble cocoon, and at 5 days old, it has entered its French teenager phase (also known as the dirt stache).

While it may not seem strong, its bristles are powerful, having raised almost $4,000 so far for The Kids Care Fund at CNMC. I hope you’ll help my mustache grow up bigger and stronger by pitching in at my fundraising page: http://bit.ly/jacquesmustache2012

Mustache Update: Growing Strong, but your help needed!

Thanks to the generosity of so many of you, I (and my mustache, Rocinante) have raised more than $5,000 from 175 people for the Kids Care Fund at Children’s National Medical Center, through this year’s Mustaches for Kids DC campaign.  

With just over 24 hours to go before tomorrow evening’s Stache Bash at RFD, I am hopeful that I can reach the outrageous goal of $7,500, and retain the title of DC’s Fundraisingest Stache.  But my fundraising archnemesis, Spanky, is gaining ground fast (currently at $4,700+).  

Can you help me regain the title by donating at http://bit.ly/JacquesMustache2011 ?  

Here are three good reasons to do so: 

  1. You like kids, and you believe in the goals of the Kids Care Fund which pays for uncompensated care and outreach in low-income communities, providing access to top-quality medical care at Children’s National Medical Center.
  2. You like mustaches, or you hate mustaches, and you’re donating because mine will be gone in just two days.
  3. You like competitions, and you want to back the winning horse.  

If any of these are true, or if you’re just feeling generous, I hope you’ll consider donating (any amount helps), reblogging, or spreading the word to friends and family.  

My mustache Rocinante (because growing a mustache is nothing if not quixotic) and I thank you!

After four weeks of mustache growing and fundraising, the 2012 Mustaches for Kids DC campaign came to a close on Friday night.

In a first-time ever occurrence, there was a tie for the Most Fundraisingest Stache award, between my archival, Spanky, and I, each raising over $11,000 for Children’s National Medical Center. (Spanky took home the fundraising trophy whole I wound up with the trophy for DC’s Sweetest Stache).

Overall the group raised more than $30K for the kids. Thanks again to all who helped out, donated, or spread the word!!

Today is Shaving Day, the official kickoff of this year’s Mustaches for Kids DC growing season, where a group of hearty gentlemen grow sweet staches to raise money for the kids care fund at Children’s National Medical Center. 

My newly-bare face is ready to be graced by this year’s mustache, and I have set a pretty audacious fundraising goal of $8,000 to raise.  That said, in less than a day’s growth, I’ve already made it past the $2,000 mark, thanks to the extreme generosity of some amazing friends and family.

Can you spare a few bucks to push me toward my goal?  My fundraising page is http://bit.ly/jacquesmustache2012.  

And if you’re in the DC area, check us out this evening at Iron Horse Tap Room from 6:00 on. We’re looking for growers and supporters!


Hey DC Tumblrs, I’m hoping that you could help spread the word about a great (and fun) cause:

As many of you know, I’ve been involved for the last several years with a great group of folks called Mustaches for Kids DC. Each year at this time, we gather together a bunch of everyday Washingtonians who pledge to grow a 28-day mustache (starting from scratch) to raise money for the Kids Care Fund at Children’s National Medical Center. In five years, we’ve raised more than $130,000 for the cause.  Last year alone, about 45 growers raised $56,000.

This year, during our 2011 Growing Season (which runs from today through Thursday, 12/8), we’re hoping to raise $66,000 for the Kids, but do it, we need your help.  We are looking for a few more good men willing to join us on our mustache quest, .  Could you be, or might you know, one of those men?  In the event that you’re unable (biologically or professionally) or unwilling to grow a stache, there are still plenty of ways you can give us a hand.

Interested in helping? Here are some possibilities:

We (and the kids) would greatly appreciate your support.  

In any event, I hope that if you see a mustachioed man in your travels this month, you give them a smile, as they could be growing for Movember, Mustaches for Kids, hipster street cred, or just because they like mustaches.

(For those who are interested, you can scroll through some of my past mustaches here)

Mustaches for Kids DC final update, from Friday night’s D.C. Stache Bash.

Thanks to 214 extraordinarily generous donations, I was able to raise over $9,600 for Children’s National Medical Center, to support the treatment and care they provide to tens of thousands of children each year. And to claim the title of D.C.’s Fundraisingest Stache, no less!

Overall, our efforts netted $37,000 (and counting) for the kids, bringing our 8-year total fundraising to more than $275,000! Not bad for a bunch of mustaches!