A unique instance of a BTR-60 with turret from the armored “Panar” АМL-90

Lateral projection of the BTR-60 armed with 90-mm cannon in the turret of the armored “Panar” АМL-90. The Republic of Djibouti, in 1991.

New tower Djiboutian BTR-60 90-gun

The interior of the fighting compartment of the BTR-60 additional units of light tank AMX-13

View of the fighting compartment of the BTR-60 through the top hatch

A side view of the armored vehicle М113А1 with 106-mm recoilless gun М40А2. Australia, 1973,

The layout of the armoured personnel carrier М113А1 106-mm recoilless rifles М40А1, its calculation and ammunition in firing position

106-mm recoilless antitank gun М40А2

otoh Australian М113А1 APC with recoilless gun М40А2, emphasis is placed on the breech of an artillery system