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Abney Park Cemetery in north London - 2016 - Shot on an Olympus OM-D E-M10 fitted with a classif Olympus Pen F lens from the 1960s via an adapter. by Chris Osborne

the signs as things i've done
  • aries: jumped out of a moving car to pet a cat
  • taurus: went out in freezing temperatures to try and record ukulele cover of a twenty one pilots song(failing miserably and going back home after 3 hours with frostbite and sore throat)
gemini: cried for an entire hour after 4am snapchat turned into horrifying nightmare when two eyes were reflected in the pitch black darkness behind me
  • cancer: smoked for the first time, accidentally got high and had an existential crisis on friend's couch
leo: bought special 12$ haircutting scissors from cvs
virgo: using special 12$ haircutting scissors to cut own hair outside of cvs in the middle of the day
  • libra: had an entire class of students encourage me to draw dicks on whiteboard while the mean guitar teacher was out of the band room
  • scorpio: slept on my bedroom floor instead of bed for 13 solid hours
  • sagittarius: accidentally inking an entire drawing with liquid eyeliner
  • capricorn: sobbed violently in middle of eighth grade spanish class lesson because my scoliosis back brace was really uncomfortable
  • aquarius: getting really interested in a stephen colbert late night show ad on the front of a bus and almost getting hit by the same bus while crossing the street in chinatown
  • pisces: nearly getting suspended for drawing a bunch of dicks on a school bulletin board
Residency Interview Survival Guide (part 2): What’s in the suitcase/bag?

I’m not going to tell you about the obvious things. I’m going to suggest some packing some things designed to address the most common “oh shit” moments that occur during interview season.

1. A small travel sewing kit with the spare buttons to your shirts and jackets. 

2. Tide pen/bleach pen. I saw someone with old spaghetti sauce stains on their white shirt. First: bad impression. Second: easily avoidable.

3. Packs of tissue. Multiple uses. Always good to have 2 or 3 in the suitcase, take one pack with you

4. Lyft and/or Uber account for when rides fall through or when you find out that the pre-interview dinner isn’t as close to the hotel as previously claimed. Or it starts to rain/snow and you walked to dinner or the interview.

5. Your phone, COMPLETELY OFF. Checking your phone during the interview day is the kiss of death.

6. A copy of your resume, electronic or paper version. Review it quickly the night before your interview

7. Plastic bags. Especially as we approach winter. Your shoes and clothes might get wet. Don’t pack a wet suitcase that you lug to your next interview, only to find that even your nice, dry clothes are now gross and soggy.

8. An emergency cash fund of at least $50-75 in the wallet at all times.  

9.Breath mints. Don’t bring gum. Gum requires spitting out. Some people also find gum chewing super disrespectful on interview day, dental hygiene be damned.

What else should be on this list?